Stormwater Standard Drawings

Stomwater Standard Drawings - All drawings (PDF 3.6MB)

080-038 Standard Straight Headwall  (RM14) (PDF 110.3KB)

080-039 Cast Insitu Grated V Drain Pit for Rollover Kerb or Dish Drain (PDF 131.9KB)

080-040 Precast Stormwater Pit Instullation (PDF 115.4KB)

080-041 Bandage Joint Details (RM13) (PDF 97.5KB)

080-042 Sandbag Headwall (PDF 141.9KB)

080-043 Riprap Outlet Protection DN300 to DN600 (PDF 112.1KB)

080-044 Riprap Outlet Protection DN750 to DN 2100 (PDF 111.3KB)

080-045_1 Drainage Pit Inlet Capacities (PDF 94.5KB)

080-045_2 Drainage Pit Inlet Capacities (PDF 972.7KB)

080-046 Pit Static Headloss Coefficients (PDF 104.7KB)

080-026 Interalloment Property Drainage Connections (PDF 99.3KB)

080-027 Property Stormwater Connection to Kerb and Pipe (PDF 104.6KB)

080-028 Precast Components for Kerb Inlet Lintels (RM4) (PDF 105.3KB)

080-029 Precast Components for Kerb Inlet Gully Pit (RM4) (PDF 106KB)

080-030 Precast Components for Stormwater Pits (RM3) (PDF 106KB)

080-031_1 Rear Access Gully Pit Pipes up to Ø600 (RM5) (PDF 198.8KB)

080-031_2 Rear Access Gully Pit Pipes Greater than  600 (RM5) (PDF 175.3KB)

080-032 Standard Junction Pit (RM6) (PDF 113.1KB)

080-033 Standard Grated Gully Pit in Concrete (RM7) (PDF 157.2KB)

080-034 Surface Inlet Pit Concrete Lid (RM9) (PDF 138.1KB)

080-035 Standard Grated Kerb Inlet Pit (RM10) (PDF 158.3KB)

080-036A Standard Surface Inlet Surcharge Pits (RM11) (PDF 111.3KB)

080-037 Standard Pathway Grated Kerb Inlet Pit (RM 12) (PDF 115.4KB)