Alcohol free zones


Alcohol Free Zones – CBD

At the Council Meeting on 26/7/17, it was resolved to continue the current Alcohol Free Zones within Armidale for a period of four years in accordance with Part 4 of Chapter 16 of the Local Government Act 1993, from a date seven days after the publication of a public notice under 644B of the Act, which covers roads and specific public carparks.  The continued establishment of the zones is subject to public notice and signposting. The Police Local Area Commander and the officer-in-charge of the local Police station is notified of this resolution to enable effective enforcement by NSW Police.

Public roads:

Allingham Street: between Rusden and Beardy Streets,

Barney Street:between Dangar and Faulkner Streets,

Beardy Street: between Niagara and Dangar Streets,

Beardy Street: between Faulkner and Taylor Streets,

Butler Street:between Beardy and Barney Streets,

Burton Lane: between Woodward and Faulkner Streets,

Cinders Lane,

Coucon Lane: off Allingham Street between Rusden and Beardy Streets,

Dangar Street:between Moore and Barney Streets,

Dangar Street:between Dumaresq and Kirkwood Streets,

Dumaresq Street:between Markham and Taylor Streets,

Faulkner Street:between Kirkwood and Barney Streets,

Jessie Street: between Rusden and Dumaresq Streets,

Kirkwood Street:between Marsh and Markham Streets,

Markham Street:between Dumaresq and Barney Streets,

Marsh Street: between Kirkwood and Barney Streets, excluding the road frontage to 110-112 Marsh Street, adjacent to Jean Pierre restaurant,

Moore Street: between Faulkner and Dangar Streets, excluding the road frontage of 24 Moore Street, adjacent to Rene on the Mews; café,

Naughten Avenue: between Taylor and Marsh Streets,

Niagara Street:between Beardy and Barney Streets,

O’Connor Place: between Cinders Lane and Rusden Street,

O’Dell Street: between Beardy and Barney Streets,

Ohio Street: between Beardy and Barney Streets,

Rusden Street: between Niagara and Taylor Streets,

Solomon Avenue,

Tingcombe Street,

West Avenue,

Woodward Street: between Dumaresq and Marsh Streets.

Note: The Alcohol Free Zone established between Marsh Street and Jessie Street throughout the Beardy Street Mall West, Central and East Areas does not apply to the tasting of alcoholic beverages for marketing and promotion purposes, carried out at a market or festival event within the Beardy Street Mall West, Central and East Areas subject to the following conditions;

  1. Tasting cups are to be served in plastic drinking apparatus of not more than 100ml capacity.
  2. The lifting of the prohibition does not preclude Council or the Police from taking any action considered necessary under the provisions of all relevant legislation.
  3. Any necessary Liquor licences through the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing must be obtained prior to the periods identified events.

Narwan Village / Galloway Street (East) Area  Archibald Street,

Cookes Road: between Mann Street and Long Swamp Road,

Long Swamp Road: between Mossman Street and Galloway Street,

Mann Street: between Canambe Street and the western entrance to the Armidale Traffic Education Centre, 2-16 Mann Street

Mossman Street: between Canambe Street and Cookes Road,

De Silva Avenue,

Smith Street,

Bracken Street,

Bower Place,

Chisholm Lane,

Dale Crescent,

Galloway Street: between Kennedy Street and Long Swamp Road,

Heagney Close,

Morson Avenue,

Murtagh Close,

Parry Parade,

See Avenue.

Girraween Area

Alexander Street,

Bailey Crescent,

Bain Crescent,

Brogan Street,

Claude Street: from Dumaresq Creek to the bypass,

Edward Street,

Golgotha Street: from Tancredi Street to Claude Street,

Hiddens Street,

McIntosh Crescent,

Niagara Street: from Tancredi Street to Dumaresq Creek,

Purkiss Street,

Queen Elizabeth Drive: from Dumaresq Creek to the bypass,

Samuelson Crescent,

Tancredi Street: unformed section from Niagara Street to Golgotha Street.

The proposed Alcohol Free zones also include the following public car parks:

APEX Lookout Car Park at the Western End of Jeffrey Street,

‘Aquatic Centre Car Parks’, corner of Markham and Dumaresq Streets, and off Dumaresq Street,

‘Cinders Lane Car Park’ off Cinders Lane

‘Dumaresq Street Car Park’, east of the Aquatic Centre,

Former ‘Gasworks Car Park’, corner of Allingham and Beardy Streets,

‘Naughten Avenue Car Park’, Naughten Avenue,

‘Rusden Street Car Park’ including decked area, between Rusden, Faulkner  and Marsh Streets,

‘Rusden/Jessie Street Car Park’, between Rusden and Jessie Streets,

‘Tourist Information Centre Car Park’, off Dumaresq Street and adjacent to Marsh Street.



Bradley Street,

The New England Highway/ Malpas Street Guyra and the surrounding footpaths and parks, between The Viaduct and thirty (30) metres north of the northern road boundary of Ollera Street Guyra;

Ollera Street west to Lagoon Street and East to Prisk Street,

Dutton Parade

Marne Street,

North along the New England Hwy,

Llangothlin Street as far as the Sole Street intersection and South along Bradley and Lagoon Road as far as the Guyra Railway Station.