Problem Waste (including asbestos)

Asbestos Disposal Booking Form

Asbestos can only be disposed of at the Armidale Waste Management Facility. Due to the special precautions and procedures for asbestos disposal, you must complete the Asbestos Disposal Booking Form and notify the Armidale Waste Management Facility at least 24 hours before your intended disposal.

For further information about safe handling and delivery of asbestos waste, please contact the Waste team on 02 6772 7090.

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping of waste is an environmental crime that is ongoing and a highly visible problem in NSW. It is the unlawful deposit of waste larger than litter onto land or into water. It includes waste materials that have been dumped, tipped or otherwise deposited onto land where no licence or approval exists to accept waste. Illegal dumping varies from small bags of rubbish in an urban environment to larger scale dumping of waste materials in isolated areas, such as bushland.

Illegal dumping includes illegal landfilling which is waste including soil, used as fill material with or without the consent of the owner or occupier of the land but without the necessary council or Environment Protection Authority (EPA) approvals.

For more information visit the EPA website.


With as many as one in three Australian homes containing asbestos it is important to be aware about the risks of being exposed to asbestos fibres.

All Armidale Regional Council residents should inform themselves about potential asbestos exposure situations. It is vital that residents, renovators and professionals understand how to avoid exposure to asbestos.  Asbestos is prevalent in older buildings but with sensible and straightforward advice, the risks of harm can be minimised and avoided altogether.

- asbestos can only be disposed of at the Armidale Waste Management Facility.

For further information about asbestos please visit the Australian Government Department of Health website or the Safe Work NSW website.