Rural Property Address Signs

Rural Property Addressing aims to provide all rural properties with a nationally recognised addressing system. 

Rural property owners are encouraged to display their rural property numbers, which provides significant benefit to:

  • Emergency Services
  • Visitors
  • Deliveries
  • Vets, livestock transport & officers

There are many rural properties where property numbers and names are absent from mailboxes or property entrances and are not visible from the road or cannot be seen at night. 

The rural address number is based on a measured distance, usually from the beginning of the road. This distance is measured in metres then divided by 10 – after which the number is then rounded to the nearest odd number (for access points on the left side of the road) or the nearest even number (for access points on the right side of the road).

To assist rural property owners, Council is making available these rural address signs for order and purchase.

Complete a rural property address sign application form (PDF 431.8KB) or pick up a form available at both the Armidale and Guyra offices. A separate form is required for each individual property for example, if you own two properties, one east of Guyra and one north of Armidale, that’s two forms.

Sign measurements are 600mm x 450mm x 3mm with white writing on blue reflective background. Cost is $355 per sign, inclusive of GST and includes installation by Council Work Crew. Property owners can purchase additional signs if there are concerns the property can’t be located. 

The above image is an example of the property addressing signs on Grafton Road, Armidale.