Council Forms

Armidale Regional Council Forms

Community and Customer Service

Access to Information form (informal) (PDF 434.2KB)

Access to Information form (formal) (PDF 317.9KB)

Certificate Application Form (including 603, 10.7(2), 10.7 (2&5) and other certificates)  (PDF 103.5KB)

Pine Forest Access - application (PDF 231KB)

Rural Address Sign - application (PDF 286.3KB)

Rates and Financial Accounting

Change in Category of Land Categorisation for rating purposes - application (PDF 274.1KB)

Pension Concession Information (PDF 23.8KB)

Pension Concession - application (PDF 305.9KB)

Parks and Facilities

Council sporting facilities - application and condition of use (PDF 315.1KB)

Cemetery Burial application (PDF 316.9KB)

Conduct Work on Council Land - Cemetery (PDF 339.6KB)

Transfer Right of Burial - Cemetery (PDF 266.1KB)

Individual Small Sports Grant application (PDF 611.7KB)

Sports Council Small Grants standard acquittal form (PDF 272.6KB)

Tree Trimming and Removal - application (PDF 394.5KB)

Use Council Facilities: Mall and Park Bookings (PDF 414.8KB)

Sustainability and Development: Development

s68 of Local Government Act - application (Parts D,E & F) (PDF 444KB)  

Building Specification (PDF 98.7KB)

Building Information Certificates (PDF 409.2KB)

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificate - application (PDF 256.8KB) 

Complying Development (CD) Certificate - application (PDF 205.5KB)

Commencement of Work and Appointment of Principal Certifying Authority (PDF 230.7KB) 

Development Application and Construction Certificate (DA + CC) - application (PDF 511.9KB)

Dwelling Entitlement Advice - application (PDF 86KB)

Driveway Construction (Rural) - application (PDF 432.8KB)

Driveway Construction (Urban) - application (PDF 2.3MB)

Work on Council Land - application (PDF 659.1KB)

Fact Sheet: Building near a sewer main (PDF 1.3MB)

Fact Sheet: Solar Energy Systems, Solar Hot Water and Small Wind Turbines (PDF 407KB)

Fact Sheet: Statement of Environmental Effects (PDF 144.9KB)

Fire safety certificate - application (PDF 154.6KB)

Fire Safety Statement - annual and supplementary (PDF 162KB)

Flood Level Advice - application (PDF 219.4KB)

Licensed Premises - registration (PDF 276.2KB)

Liquid Trade Waste application (PDF 178.4KB)

Liquid Trade Waste application (simplified) (PDF 156.5KB)

Minor Works for Heritage Items and HCAs application (PDF 203.9KB) 

On Site Wastewater Management System - application to install, modify and/or operate application (PDF 407.3KB)

Owner Consent form (PDF 370.6KB)

Pre Development Application Meeting Request (PDF 366.9KB)

Political Donations and Gifts - disclosure form (PDF 1.2MB)

Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate  (PDF 147.5KB)

Sustainability and Development: Health & Environment

Transfer Approval to Operate for Onsite Sewage Management System (PDF 473.5KB)

On-Site Sewage Management System - Request for Inspection Form (PDF 231.8KB)

Solid Fuel Heater Installation - application (PDF 236.8KB)

Transfer Approval to Operate for Onsite Sewage Management System (PDF 246.4KB)

Sustainability and Development: Plumbing

Backflow Service Providers list (PDF 364.6KB)

Backflow DC test report (PDF 193.5KB)

Backflow RPZD test report (PDF 193.7KB)

Notice of Work and Certificate of Compliance (PDF 367.1KB)

Plumber's application for Backflow register (PDF 202.2KB)

Plumber's application for TMV register (PDF 200.5KB)

Plumbing and Drainage Permit - application (PDF 125.6KB)

Sewer Service Diagram A3 template landscape (PDF 112.5KB)

Sewer Service Diagram symbols template (PDF 111.4KB)

TMV commissioning report  (PDF 257.7KB)

TMV Thermostatic Service Providers List (PDF 211.3KB)

Water and Sewer Plumbing Permit - application (PDF 111KB)