Local Government Act Section 68 Approval

Local Government Act Section 68 Approval (section G of the DA form)

Section 68 of the Local Government Act sets out a range of activities that require additional Council approval separate to the development application. Part A: Structures or places of public entertainment

Install a manufactured home, moveable dwelling or associated structure on land

Part B: Water supply, sewerage and stormwater drainage work

  1. Carry out water supply work Draw water from a council water supply or a standpipe or sell water so drawn
  2. Install, alter, disconnect or remove a meter connected to a service pipe
  3. Carry out sewerage work
  4. Carry out stormwater drainage work
  5. Connect a private drain or sewer with a public drain or sewer under the control of a council or with a drain or sewer which connects with such a public drain or sewer

Part C: Management of waste

  1. For fee or reward, transport waste over or under a public place
  2. Place waste in a public place
  3. Place a waste storage container in a public place
  4. Dispose of waste into a sewer of the council **(separate form for these applications)
  5. Install, construct or alter a waste treatment device or a human waste storage facility or a drain connected to any such device or facility **(separate form for these applications)
  6. Operate a system of sewage management (within the meaning of section 68A) **(separate form for these applications)

Part D: Community land

  1. Engage in a trade or business
  2. Direct or procure a theatrical, musical or other entertainment for the public
  3. Construct a temporary enclosure for the purpose of entertainment
  4. For fee or reward, play a musical instrument or sing
  5. Set up, operate or use a loudspeaker or sound amplifying device
  6. Deliver a public address or hold a religious service or public meeting

Part E: Public roads

  1. Swing or hoist goods across or over any part of a public road by means of a lift, hoist or tackle projecting over the footway
  2. Expose or allow to be exposed (whether for sale or otherwise) any article in or on or so as to overhang any part of the road or outside a shop window or doorway abutting the road, or hang an article beneath an awning over the road

Part F: Other activities

  1. Operate a public car park
  2. Operate a caravan park or camping ground
  3. Operate a manufactured home estate
  4. Install a domestic oil or solid fuel heating appliance, other than a portable appliance **(separate form for these applications)
  5. Install or operate amusement devices
  6. Use a standing vehicle or any article for the purpose of selling any article in a public place
  7. Carry out an activity prescribed by the regulations or an activity of a class or description prescribed by the regulations