Council Forms

Due to the recent merger of Armidale Dumaresq Council and Guyra Shire Council to form Armidale Regional Council this website is undergoing a migration of content including the development of new forms.
Whilst this work is underway links are provided below for forms of residents in Guyra and Armidale.

Residents of Guyra - Forms


Armidale Regional Council Forms

Below is a list of Council forms in alphabetical order.

Access to Information Page

Access to Information Form (PDF 446.7KB)

Application for 603, 149(2), 149 (2&5), Building Certificate 149A, and other certificates

Application for Certificates Form (including 603, 149(2), 149 (2&5), Building Certificate 149A , and other certificates (PDF 235.4KB)

Application Form s68 for selling from community land-amplified devices-amusement devices-selling from road side areas (PDF 459.6KB)

Application for Transfer Approval to Operate for Onsite Sewage Management System 2016 (PDF 439.8KB)

Bushfire Attack Level Certificate Application (PDF 246.2KB)

Complying Development Certificate Application Form (PDF 570.5KB)

Construction and Maintenance Work on Council Land Form (PDF 651.6KB)

Development Application Form (PDF 559.1KB)

Dwelling Entitlement Advice Form (PDF 254KB)

Liquid Trade Waste Application Form (PDF 631.9KB)

Pension Concession Information (PDF 23.8KB)

Pension Concession Form (PDF 223.3KB)

Pine Forest Access Form (PDF 231KB)

Plumber's application for Backflow Register (PDF 205.1KB)

Plumber's Application for TMV Register (PDF 204.9KB)

Plumbing and Drainage Notice of Work form - NSW (PDF 366.7KB)

Pre Development Application Meeting Request (PDF 374.7KB)

Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Form NSW POP (PDF 120.4KB)

Principal Certifying Authority Form (PDF 253.9KB)

Request for On-Site Sewage Management System Inspection and Operational Approval Form (PDF 239.1KB)

Rural Driveway Construction Application Form (PDF 740.9KB)

Solar Energy Systems, Solar Hot Water and Small Wind Turbines Form (PDF 416KB)

Solid Fuel Heater Installation Application (PDF 562.3KB)

Specification Forms (PDF 98.7KB)

Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate Form (PDF 322.2KB)

Tree Trimming/Removal Application Form (PDF 401KB)

Update to Licensed Premises Details (PDF 276.2KB)

Urban Driveway Construction Application (PDF 926.4KB)

Water and Sewer Application Plumbing Permit Form (PDF 344.8KB)