Council Forms

Armidale Regional Council Forms

Below is a list of Council forms in alphabetical order.

Application and condition of use of Council sporting facilities 2017 (PDF 316.4KB)

Access to Information Form (informal) 2017-2018 (PDF 434.2KB)

Access to Information Form (formal) 2017-2018 (PDF 317.9KB)

Application for Certificates Form 2017-2018 (including 603, 149(2), 149 (2&5), Building Certificate 149A , and other certificates (PDF 233.7KB)

Application Form s68 (Parts D, E & F) Approval 2017-2018 (PDF 444KB)

Application for Change in Category of Land Categorisation for rating purposes 2017 - 2018 (PDF 274.1KB)

Application for Individual Small Sports Grant 2017 -2018 (PDF 600.5KB)

Application for Minor Works for Heritage Items and HCAs 2017-2018 (PDF 173.9KB)

Application for Transfer Approval to Operate for Onsite Sewage Management System 2017-2018 (PDF 473.5KB)

Application for use of Council Facilities 2017-2018 (PDF 385.6KB)

Backflow Service  Providers List 2017-2018 (PDF 258.8KB)

Backflow DC test  Report 2017-2018 (PDF 193.5KB)

Backflow RPZD test Report 2017-2018 (PDF 193.7KB)

Bushfire Attack Level Certificate Application 2017-2018 (PDF 238.6KB)

Complying Development Certificate Application Form 2017-2018 (PDF 557.9KB)

Construction and Maintenance Work on Council Land Form 2017-2018 (PDF 659.1KB)

Development Application and Construction Certificate Application Form 2017-2018 (PDF 511.9KB)

Dwelling Entitlement Advice Form 2017-2018 (PDF 247.5KB)

Fact Sheet: Building near a sewer main (PDF 1.3MB)

Flood Level Application Form 2017 (PDF 219.4KB)

Licensed Premises Registration Form 2017-2018 (PDF 276.2KB)

Liquid Trade Waste Application Form 2017-2018 (PDF 581.9KB)

Pension Concession Information (PDF 23.8KB)

Pension Concession Form (PDF 223.3KB)

Pine Forest Access Form (PDF 231KB)

Plumber's application for Backflow Register 2017 - 2018 (PDF 202.2KB)

Plumber's application for TMV register 2017-2018 (PDF 200.5KB)

Plumbing and Drainage Notice of Work form - NSW (PDF 366.7KB)

Pre Development Application Meeting Request 2017-2018 (PDF 366.9KB)

Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Form NSW POP (PDF 1.2MB)

Principal Certifying Authority Form 2017-2018 (PDF 244.1KB)

Request for On-Site Sewage Management System Inspection Form 2017-2018 (PDF 231.8KB)

Rural Driveway Construction Application Form 2017-2018 (PDF 432.8KB)

Solar Energy Systems, Solar Hot Water and Small Wind Turbines Form 2017-2018 (PDF 407KB)

Solid Fuel Heater Installation Application 2017-2018 (PDF 542.8KB)

Specification Forms (PDF 98.7KB)

Sports Council Small Grants standard acquittal form 2017 - 2018 (PDF 272.6KB)

Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate Form 2017-2018 (PDF 322.3KB)

TMV commissioning report 2017-2018  (PDF 257.7KB)

TMV Thermostatic Service Providers List 2017 (PDF 356.3KB)

Tree Trimming/Removal Application Form 2017-2018 (PDF 390.2KB)

Urban Driveway Construction Application 2017-2018(PDF 915.1KB)

Water and Sewer Application Plumbing Permit Form (PDF 433.3KB)