Engineering Code

Engineering Code

The Armidale Regional Council Engineering Design Codes have been developed as a resource sharing initiative between the Armidale Regional Council, Developers wishing to undertake works within the Council area and Consultants requiring a consistent standard with which to develop designs for Developers and Council.

The Engineering Design Codes are a regional approach to provide uniform development standards through a clear and comprehensive set of codes for development infrastructure design and construction.

Both the community and the development industry now have clear guidelines for development infrastructure requirements throughout the Armidale Region.

The Codes have been developed from the original issue of the AusSpec Development Specification series and have been amended in accordance with current construction industry Best Practice and in accordance with current Australian Standards and have been modified to suit the specific needs of the Armidale Region.

A suite of Standard Drawings has been developed concurrently with the engineering design Codes and should be used in conjunction with the codes.  These and the codes are available as pdf documents free of charge on Council’s web site.  Dwg copies of the standard drawings are available on request.

The development industry, consultants, ratepayers and residents are encouraged to use the Codes from the initial planning phase thorough to detailed design for the issue of a Construction Certificate by Council.

The use of the codes and standard drawings will enable more efficient and timely processing of developments through Council and will promote and provide a consistent approach to design and construction of engineering and service infrastructure throughout the Armidale Region.

Design Index 2016 (PDF 47.4KB)

Engineering Code (quality assurance of design) (PDF 251.3KB)

D1 Road Design Driveway Handbook (PDF 485.5KB)

D1 Road Design (PDF 1.4MB)

D2 Pavement Design (PDF 243.4KB)

D3 Structures and Bridge Design (PDF 174.3KB)

D4 Subsurface Drainage Design (PDF 241.7KB)

D5 Stormwater Drainage Design Handbook (PDF 4.1MB)

D5 Stormwater Drainage Design (PDF 676.2KB)

D6 Site Regrading (PDF 2.8MB)

D7 Erosion Control Sedimentation Management (PDF 386KB)

D9 Cycleway and Pathway Design (PDF 81.8KB)

D10 Bushfire Protection (PDF 470.4KB) 


Standard Drawings Index 2016 (PDF 162.2KB)

Roadworks Standard Drawings

030-071 Vehicular Driveway Public Footpath Crossing Mountable Kerb (PDF 32.2KB)

030-073_1 Standard Rural Property Access (PDF 107.1KB)

030-073_2 Standard Rural Property Access (PDF 98.5KB)

030-074 Typical Rural Bus Stop (PDF 88.8KB)

030-075 Street Name Sign (PDF 103.7KB)

030-076 Street Sign Blade Details (PDF 95.1KB)

030-077 Standard Road Sign Installation (PDF 98.7KB)

030-078 Bus Stop J Pole Post and Sign Detail (PDF 105.1KB)

030-079 Standard Bus Shelter Installation (PDF 92.6KB)

030-080 Standard Bus Stop Seat Slab (PDF 93.2KB)

030-081 Typical Street Tree Planting with Root Guard (PDF 157.6KB)

030-082 Typical Street Tree Planting without Root Guard (PDF 155.6KB)

030-083 Planter Box Paved Footpath (PDF 98.7KB)

030-062 Standard Urban Road Design Details (PDF 97.2KB)

030-063 Public Utilities Allocation Space on Verge (PDF 104.8KB)

030-064 Rural Residential and Rural Road Standard (PDF 97.8KB)

030-065 Standard for Kerb and Gutter Vehicular and Dish Crossings (PDF 90KB)

030-066 Kerb Transition Standard Barrier Kerb to Mountable Kerb (PDF 89.8KB)

030-067 Standard Subsoil Drainage Details (PDF 122.1KB)

030-068 Standard Concrete Footpath Details (PDF 118.5KB)

030-069 Standard Kerb Ramps (PDF 102.8KB)

030-070 Vehicular Driveway Public Footpath Crossing Barrier Kerb (PDF 33.3KB)


Sewer Standard Drawings

010-027 Sewer Maintenance Holes Connection Details DN 110 to DN 450 PE Pipe (PDF 129.5KB)

010-028_1 Maintenance Holes External and Internal Dropes Through MH (PDF 122.5KB)

010-028_2 Maintenance Holes External and Internal Dropes Through MH (PDF 116.8KB)

010-029 Precast Sewer Maintenance Holes Sewers Less or Equal to DN 300 Depth Less or Equal to 1200 and 1200-6000 (PDF 164.6KB)

010-030 Sewer Maintenance Holes Depth to Invert 6m to 15m (PDF 120.4KB)

010-031 Sewer Maintenance Holes Depth to Invert Greater than 15m (PDF 126.4KB)

010-032 Sewer Maintenance Holes Sewers DN 375 to DN 750 (PDF 150.4KB)

010-033 Sewer Maintenance Holes Permanant Formwork Equal to or GRater than DN 375 (PDF 136.8KB)

010-034 Sewer Maintenance Holes Step Irons and Ladders (PDF 123.3KB)

010-035 Sewer Maintenance Shafts Typical Installation (PDF 134.6KB)

010-036 Sewer Maintenance Shafts and Chambers Typical MS and MC Cover Arrangements (PDF 154.4KB)

010-037 Sewer Main Embedment and Trenchfill Typical Arrangement (PDF 117.8KB)

010-038 Standard Sewer Trench Details (PDF 123.7KB)

010-039 Sewer Trench Drainage Bulkheads and Trenchstops (PDF 153.6KB)

010-040 Sewer Trench Drainage Typical Systems (PDF 159.2KB)

010-041 Buried Sewer Crossing Roadways (PDF 148.7KB)

010-042 Buried Sewer Crossings Railways (PDF 178.3KB)

010-043 Buried Crossings Bored and Jacked Encasing Pipe Details (PDF 108.9KB)

010-044 Sewer Aerial Crossings Aqueduct (PDF 134.2KB)

010-045 Sewer Aerial Crossings Aqueduct Protection Grille (PDF 102.8KB)

010-046 Aerial Crossings Bridge Crossing Concepts (PDF 173.2KB)

010-047 Property Sewer Connection Details IO Interface Method Less than 1200 Deep (PDF 125.3KB)

010-048 Property Sewer Connection Details IO Interface Method Greater than 1200 Deep (PDF 132.5KB)

010-049 Property Sewer Connection Details Around Obstructions (PDF 117KB)

010-019 Typical Gravity Sewer Design Layout (PDF 101.4KB)

010-020 Property Connection Details Sewer in Easements and Inside Property (PDF 95.5KB)

010-021 Property Connection Details Sewer in Road Reserve (PDF 95.1KB)

010-022 Sewer System Ownership Legacy Installations with Boundary Trap (PDF 93.6KB)

010-023 Sewer System Ownership with S-Box (PDF 94.7KB)

010-024 Typical Pipelaying Arrangement (PDF 103.2KB)

010-025 Maintenance Holes Sewers Less or Equal to DN 300 Typical Channel Arrangements (PDF 124.6KB)

010-026_1 Sewer Maintenance Holes Manhole Bases and Pipe Connection Details (PDF 122.2KB)

010-026_2 Sewer Maintenance Holes Manhole Bases and Pipe Connection Details (PDF 125.2KB)

010-026_3 Sewer Maintenance Holes Manhole Bases and Pipe Connection Details (PDF 127.5KB)


Stormwater Standard Drawings

080-038 Standard Straight Headwall  (RM14) (PDF 110.3KB)

080-039 Cast Insitu Grated V Drain Pit for Rollover Kerb or Dish Drain (PDF 131.9KB)

080-040 Precast Stormwater Pit Instullation (PDF 115.4KB)

080-041 Bandage Joint Details (RM13) (PDF 97.5KB)

080-042 Sandbag Headwall (PDF 141.9KB)

080-043 Riprap Outlet Protection DN300 to DN600 (PDF 112.1KB)

080-044 Riprap Outlet Protection DN750 to DN 2100 (PDF 111.3KB)

080-045_1 Drainage Pit Inlet Capacities (PDF 94.5KB)

080-045_2 Drainage Pit Inlet Capacities (PDF 972.7KB)

080-046 Pit Static Headloss Coefficients (PDF 104.7KB)

080-026 Interalloment Property Drainage Connections (PDF 99.3KB)

080-027 Property Stormwater Connection to Kerb and Pipe (PDF 104.2KB)

080-028 Precast Components for Kerb Inlet Lintels (RM4) (PDF 105.3KB)

080-029 Precast Components for Kerb Inlet Gully Pit (RM4) (PDF 106KB)

080-030 Precast Components for Stormwater Pits (RM3) (PDF 106KB)

080-031_1 Rear Access Gully Pit Pipes up to Ø600 (RM5) (PDF 198.8KB)

080-031_2 Rear Access Gully Pit Pipes Greater than  600 (RM5) (PDF 175.3KB)

080-032 Standard Junction Pit (RM6) (PDF 113.1KB)

080-033 Standard Grated Gully Pit in Concrete (RM7) (PDF 157.2KB)

080-034 Surface Inlet Pit Concrete Lid (RM9) (PDF 137.4KB)

080-035 Standard Grated Kerb Inlet Pit (RM10) (PDF 158.3KB)

080-036 Standard Surface Inlet Surcharge Pits (RM11) (PDF 110.4KB)

080-037 Standard Pathway Grated Kerb Inlet Pit (RM 12) (PDF 115.4KB)


Watermain Standard Drawings

020-043 Watermain Construction at Cul-De-Sac Head Typical Treatment - Model (PDF 108.6KB)

020-044 Bored Watermain Road and Creek Crossing Details-Model  (PDF 123.1KB)

020-045 Aerial Crossings Aquaduct-Model (PDF 132.1KB)

020-046 Watermain Thrust Block Details-Model (PDF 126.4KB)

020-047 Watermain Marker Plates-Model (PDF 150.8KB)

020-038 20mm and 25mm Standard Water Service Connection Detail-Model (PDF 103.9KB)

020-039 32mm, 40mm and 50mm Water Service Connection Detail-Model (PDF 97.7KB)

020-040 Water Service Road Crossing Standard Detail-Model (PDF 106.9KB)

020-041 Standard Stop and Scour Valve Installation Detail-Model (PDF 124.7KB)

020-042 Standard Hydrant and Double Air Valve Installation Detail-Model (PDF 128.3KB)