Koalas in Armidale

Koalas in Armidale

How many Koalas have been sighted in Armidale?

A total of 300 sightings have been registered since 2009.

Information on Koalas in Armidale

Koalas are solitary animals sometimes living in groups within a home range. Male koalas will move over a wider area seeking females and new territories particularly during breeding times. Residents have reported koalas crossing local roads, in trees in their backyards, along the creeklands and once in a street tree near the town center! Residents can provide valuable habitat for koalas by simply planting local koala feed trees. Koalas are often seen in a small local park in west Armidale that has only a few gum trees in it.

Koalas thrive best in large areas of continuous woodland. Around Armidale fragmentation of woodland makes it harder for young koalas to find new home ranges and adult koalas to find mating partners. Urban expansion with increased road traffic, residential fencing and domestic dogs are all factors causing a decline in the local koala population.

Koalas are an important part of Australia's natural and cultural heritage. Alarmingly, up to 75% of koalas have disappeared from their wider distribution in earlier times. The koala is now listed as a vulnerable species in NSW.

Check out our Koalas and their Survival Brochure! (PDF 702.3KB)

What do I need to do if I see a Koala in the Armidale area?

If you see a koala in the Armidale area, please complete and submit your sighting with the online sightings register here!

Once we know where they live and where they travel, we can begin to protect our koalas and their habitat.