Purchase a crate, bin & worm farm

Purchase a crate, bin & worm farm

Each household is supplied with a 240 litre City to Soil Green Bin, a 140 Household Waste Bin and two recycle crates, one with a lid for paper and cardboard and one without a lid for bottles cans etc. 

Additional bins and crates can be purchased by households to be collected at the same time as the scheduled service for that property. 

The following items are available from Council's Customer Service counter to assist you with Recycling:


Recycling Crates

Crate and lid:     $19.00
Crate only:          $15.00 
Lid only:              $4.00

Compost Bin

One size only:     $50.00 (assemblage required)

Worm Farm

One size only:    $82.00 (assemblage required)

Special Notice on Damaged Bins

In the interest of a tidy community residents are encouraged to report any damaged red-top and green waste (City to Soil) bins they have to the Waste Hotline on 1300 136 322 for either replacement or repair, free of charge.