Disability Services

Disability Services

Armidale Regional Council's Access Advisory Committee

We strive for our region to be access-friendly and to represent the interests of people with access issues.

The aim of ARCAAC is to work towards a safe and accessible community which will benefit everyone: people with a disability, older people, parents with young children, carers, and the general community.

ARCAAC works with, and makes recommendations to Council and other government and non government agencies that will ensure equitable access to services for the whole Armidale Regional Community.

ARC Access Advisory Committee Information Brochure (PDF 230.1KB)

ARC Disability Action Plan 2017-2021 (PDF 2.4MB)

Accessible Accommodation (PDF 303.3KB)

Mobility Map 2016 (PDF 659.7KB)

Mobility Map Legend 2016 (PDF 321.3KB)