Planning an Event

Booking space in the Beardy Street Central and East Mall

Community events, rallies, musical and dancing events, busking, food stalls, charity fund raising and promotions can be held in the central and east sections of Beardy Street Mall.

Approvals to use the space are required, and specific areas are designated for set purposes. Special conditions may also apply. Public liability insurance is required for all bookings.

Book early to ensure your event or activity is available on your preferred date. Please contact Customer Service on 1300 136 833 to discuss your event or fill out the Use Council Facilities: Mall and Park Bookings formand s68 of Local Government Act - applications related to activity in community land, public roads and other activities under parts D,E & F of the Act forms located on Council's A-Z forms page.

Information for use of Council facilities (PDF 137.6KB)

Mall booking

The Mall booking form contains information about the following:

  • Fees and charges
  • Insurance requirements
  • s.68 approvals – s.68 approvals are approvals required under the Local Government Act 1993 for certain activities
  • Notice of intention to hold a public assembly form


  • Buskers intending to busk in the mall need to make an application to use the public mall area, and are required to locate their operation to specific areas. Approval for busking is applied for on an annual basis.
  • Busking without an amplifying device requires a booking.
  • Busking with the use of an amplified device requires a booking and a s.68 approval.
  • Busking without an amplifying device is permitted in other locations in Armidale without requiring an application.

Musical performances

  • Musical performances are usually held on the stage area outside the Post Office.
  • Musical performances without an amplifying device requires a booking.
  • Musical performances with the use of an amplified device requires a booking and a s.68 approval.

Street stalls for ticket selling, public collections, fund raising activity, appeal, or for government or other display

  • Charitable and non-profit organisations selling packaged food, conducting stalls or selling raffle tickets and the like on a footpath.
  • Sale of food requires a booking and a s.68 approval.

Private function

Group activities, celebrations require a booking and may require a s.68 approval.

Use of electricity

If you require electricity to conduct your activity this must be approved, and power cords must be placed safely in specific areas. See Mall booking form for further information.

Use of a microphone

Microphones are available for hire. See Mall booking form for further information.


A person seeking to carry out spruiking on a footpath, including the Beardy Street Mall, is to notify Council in writing of their proposal. This activity requires Council approval.

Note: Armidale Regional Council officers are responsible for monitoring busking and enforcing regulations.