What to do if you have lost or found a pet

If your pet is missing, we understand it’s very distressing.

Immediately report a lost animal using council's online customer request service, or phone Customer Services on 1300 136 833 to let us know you have lost your dog.

Have your dog’s microchip number with you and describe your pet giving as much relevant information as you can.

We also recommend you contact local veterinary clinics.

If you have found an animal

After ensuring it is safe to do so try to contain the animal and check to see if the dog is wearing any form of identification such as an engraved tag on a collar.

Report a found animal using council's online customer request service, or phone us on 1300 136 833 and we’ll arrange for one of our Rangers to come and collect the animal.

Impounded Animals

Animals may be impounded by either Armidale Regional Council or Uralla Shire Council. All animals released from an Animal Shelter in NSW must be microchipped and lifetime registered regardless of exemption status. Additionally, annual permits will apply to all non desexed cats and dangerous/restricted dogs. 

Impounding fees are:

$65 for first impounding within 12 months
$120 second and subsequent impounding within 12 months
Daily maintenance fees are $20 per day

View the New England Animal Shelter's web page here.

Contact: Leah Kliendienst|02 6771 5498|animalshelter@armidale.nsw.gov.au

Responsibilities of Cat Owners

Under the provisions of the Companion Animal Act 1998, cats within NSW are considered to have no boundaries and are free to roam. Due to this we are unable to seize stray cats. It is often difficult to determine someone's pet from a stray or homeless cat.

We encourage responsible cat ownership and recommend owners take the following steps so that their cat has a minimal impact on its surrounding environment.

  • Ensure that your cat is microchipped and registered. Put a collar and tag on your cat.
  • Desex your cat at an early age. You will not have the worry about unwanted kittens and it reduces the chances of having a non desexed male hanging around marking his territory and yowling at inconvenient hours. Desexing male cats at an early age will reduce involvement in cat fights and the tendency of your cat to wander looking for a female.
  • Keep your cat indoors at night. Cats tend to cause the most damage to the environment during the night when they can hunt under the cover of darkness. Remember cats are natural hunters so by keeping them in at night it greatly reduces their urge to hunt.
  • Ensure your cat has adequate food, water and shelter at all times.