Council Policies

Policy development provides Council with a structured framework for consistent and transparent decision-making and actions. Policies can be defined as the principles and intent behind the programs that a council implements.

Council's Policy Register is a record of the policies adopted by Council for the conduct of its business. The policies, along with many other internal and external documents, set the framework within which Council fulfils its service and regulatory responsibilities under relevant statutes.

The Policy Register is a 'living' document and is being reviewed as part of the Implementation Plan for the creation of the new Council. Policies that are required by legislation must be reviewed and/or enhanced on a yearly basis or when changes to legislation are notified. Council Policies must be reviewed within 12 months of a Council Election.

Council Policies are made by resolution of Council and appear on the website for general public viewing.  

POL234 - Asset Management (PDF 217.3KB)
POL038 - Floodplain Management (PDF 283.2KB)
POL137 - Library Collection Development (PDF 729.9KB)
POL144 - Library Community Information Display (PDF 406.5KB)
POL165 - Library Use and User Code of Conduct (PDF 766.7KB)
POL145 - Museum Collection Management (PDF 464.2KB)
POL228 - Public Art (PDF 446.1KB)
POL183 - Corporate Banner and Flag Pole Sponsorship (PDF 532KB)
POLICY - Media (PDF 214KB)
POLICY - Acceptance and Assessment of Applications (PDF 183KB)
POL229 - Burning of Vegetation in the Armidale Local Government Area (PDF 344.3KB)
POL151 - Domestic Rainwater Tanks (PDF 219.3KB)
POL063 - Keeping of Animals (Urban Areas) (PDF 243.8KB) 
POL180 - Local Approvals Policy - Street Trading Activities (PDF 643.9KB)
POL192 - Public Parking  (PDF 268.4KB)
POL236 - Treatment of Feral and Infant Animals (PDF 212.6KB)
POL065 - Development Related Security  (PDF 199.5KB)
POL225 - Local Approvals On-site Waste Water Systems (PDF 4.5MB)
POL070 - Relocation of Buildings (PDF 204.5KB)
POL152 - Investment (PDF 428.6KB) 
ARC001P/21 - Legislation Compliance (PDF 427KB)
ARC002P/21 - Business Ethics (PDF 671.1KB)
POL237 - Mayoral Robe and Chain (PDF 398.4KB)
POL666 - Code of Conduct (PDF 2.5MB)
ARC003P/21 - Public Interest Disclosures - Internal Reporting  (PDF 401.8KB)
ARC008P/21 - Fraud and Corruption (PDF 1.2MB)
ARC005P/20 - Risk Management (PDF 733.6KB)
POL205 - Pathway Name & Address (NAR) - Amendments to Name, Postal Address, Communication & Information Details (PDF 643.5KB) 
POL087 - Stock grids on public roads (PDF 378.3KB)
POL154 - Water Supply Drought Management Plan (PDF 2.6MB)
ARC004P/20 - Councillor and Staff Interaction (PDF 704.5KB)
POLICY - Feedback & Complaints Management (PDF 994.7KB)
POLICY - Unreasonable Customer Conduct (PDF 271.7KB)
POLICY - Reduction of Water Consumption Charges Due to Undetectable Leakage (PDF 226.2KB)
POL159 - Procurement (PDF 349.6KB)
POLICY - Financial Reserves (PDF 263.4KB)
POLICY - Hardship (PDF 135.2KB)
POLICY - Debt Recovery (PDF 161.7KB)

Awaiting Council adoption

POL135 - Aquatic Centre Patron Code of Conduct
POL231 - Planning Proposals (LEP Amendments)
POL039 - Water Supply
POL226 - Community Engagement
POL149 - Principles of Multiculturalism
POLICY - Community Recognition
POLICY - Sustainable Domestic Energy Use and local Air Quality (Inc. Local Approvals)
POL045 - Liquid Trade Waste
POL009 - Community Contributions
POL239 - Memorials 
POL148 - Parks - Plan of Management 
PL161 - Plan Of Management for Parks
POL162 - Plan of Management for Bakers Creek 
POL163 - Plan Of Management for Drummond Park
POL186 - Cemetery Operations Management
POL120 - Urban Streetscape
POL132 - Grazing on Charleston Willows
POL140 - Plan of Management for Charlston Willows
POL204 - Urban Watercourse Revegetation
POL086 - Events on Public Roads
POL078 - Mall Market Operations
POL116 - Private Works
POL094 - Grazing permits on road reserves
POL097 - Management of road reserves
POLICY - Sewer Services
POL147 - Sportsgrounds plan of management
POL2233 - Acceptance of Waste from Outside Armidale Regional Council's Local Government Area
POLICY - Community Leasing
POL089 - Tree clearing on rural road reserves
POL092 - Dedication and/or maintenance of public roads
POL141 - Rural Bus Stops
POL185 - Bus Shelters within the Urban Areas
POL233 - Use of Public Open Space by Personal and Group Trainers
POL075 - Road Intersections (Line of Sight)
POL034 - Kerb Guttering and Footpath
POL035 - Vehicular driveway upgrading, maintenance and construction
POL032 - Limit of Councils Road Maintenance Liability