Jobs & Growth

Armidale Regional Council has set a bold and ambitious aspirational target to grow jobs in our region by 4000 by 2040 and generate at 1000 new jobs over the next five years.

Councillors, staff and industry leaders recently participated in a Planning and Jobs Growth Summit and have identified the essential next steps for the Armidale region to prosper.

The summit identified the engine room jobs and critical infrastructure required to deliver on council's ambitious strategy. 

Water security was top of mind in terms of infrastructure to increase catchment and treatment capacity as well as rethink how we can better utilise recycled water. A new runway capable of landing large incident response aircraft and cargo jets was also earmarked as well as the energy industry has the potential to be a genuine point of difference for our region.


Advancing Armidale - Resilient Regional Runway (PDF 10MB)

Advancing Armidale - Regional Water Security (PDF 10.1MB)