Guyra Home Support Services

Guyra Home Support services provide a range of Services in Guyra and Tingha region for people over the age of 65 (50 for Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islanders) to assist them to remain living comfortably at home. Services include meals, group social support, transport, and individual social support.

Group Social Support

  • A weekly group day, called Nicholii House, is held every Wednesday at the Home Support Services building, 162 Bradley Street Guyra. Clients meet between the hours of 10am and 2pm, with door-to-door pick up from home on the service bus from 9:30am. Group social support provides an opportunity for clients to get together and enjoy the company of others over morning tea and lunch. An afternoon activity is offered for those who wish to participate.
  • Group Chair Based Exercises – these are held weekly every Wednesday prior to Group Social Support, commencing at 9am. Pick up and drop off is available via the service bus. The exercises are gentle and suitable for many fitness levels. Clients should consult their doctor prior to commencing.
  • Regular bus trips are offered to places of interest, within three hours drive of Guyra. The trips include door-to-door pick up, morning tea, lunch and visits to local attractions. During the warmer months barbecues or picnics to local places of interest are also very popular.



  • Hot weekday meals are delivered Monday to Friday in Guyra by volunteers. Clients can select any or all days to receive a hot meal and they have a choice of mains, dessert, soup or juice. 
  • Frozen meals are always available for purchase at the Home Support Services building. The coordinators can also arrange delivery to clients if required.

Individual Social Support 

  • Individual Social Support encompasses many things depending on the client’s requirements. Social support is usually provided on a one-to-one basis with most social support being undertaken by volunteers. Some examples of individual social support include friendly visiting, assisting with basic shopping needs, assistance at medical appointments  and assistance with mail (eg reading to the client if the client has poor vision)  Contact the office on 6770 7127 for further details

Transport – Transport is available for a variety of purposes including the following:

  • Transport to and from medical appointments in the service car with a volunteer driver. Transport to medical appointments takes priority over all other transport requirements. 
  • Transport to and from group social Support (Nicholii House) via the service bus. This is a door to door service
  • Transport to and from outings and day trips. This is a door to door service
  • Friday Access bus to Armidale from Guyra. The bus departs promptly at 8:30am with pick up in Guyra from 8am. Return to Guyra is at 1pm. Priority is given to clients of the service, however community members are also welcome to travel on the bus providing there are seats available.
  • Limited support with transport can be provided to community members who are not clients of the services. These trips are limited to medical trips and the service can only offer assistance if the client is considered transport disadvantaged and does not have family or friends to assist.

Fees & Charges: