TAS Hoskins Centre

The Michael Hoskins Creative Arts  Centre opened in 2009, providing both TAS and Armidale with a purpose-built teaching and performance venues in which the creative spirit is nurtured, expressed and showcased.

The centre consists of a state-of-the-art theatre, art studios, rehearsal rooms, exhibition space and a large, light-filled foyer. With its stylish, convenient facilities and welcoming atmosphere, the centre is also regularly hired for conferences, functions, workshops and arts exhibitions.

 To see what’s on at The Hoskins Centre visit their website.

UNE Arts Theatre & Lazenby Hall

The University of New England offers the Arts A1 Theatre, a 277 seat proscenium arch raked auditorium theatre with a fly tower housing 28 counterweighted lines, and Lazenby Hall, a 856 seat proscenium arch semi-raked auditorium with limited winched fly lines. Both the Arts A1 Theatre and Lazenby Hall currently hold public licenses and are available throughout the year for external hires.

For further enquiries visit their website.

Old Teachers College Auditorium

The Armidale Teachers’ College, recently known as the C.B. Newling Centre, is an impressive building which stands in magnificent formal grounds. 

The Armidale Teachers' College Auditorium has a capacity of 206 seats and can be booked for performances.

For more information and to book this venue visit their website.

Armidale Drama & Musical Society

The Armidale Drama & Musical Society first came together in 1922 and was active until the war years. Reformed in 1963, they have been producing musicals continuously since.

They often collaborate with other local organisations such as The Armidale Symphony Orchestra, The Armidale Choral Society and The Armidale Music Foundation.

For more information visit their website. 

High Country Theatre Company

High Country Theatre Company presents high quality theatre productions at the TAS Hoskins Centre. Visit their website to find out more.