Dwelling Entitlements

When buying a property, especially a vacant site, within the RU1 Primary Production, RU4 Primary Production Small Lots, R5 Large Lot Residential, E3 Environmental Management and E4 Environmental Living zones, a very important question is 'can I build a dwelling-house on the land?

You may have seen or heard this referred to as a dwelling entitlement. A dwelling entitlement search refers to the ability of Council to be able to grant consent under Clause 4.2A of Armidale Dumaresq Local Environmental Plan 2012 for the erection of a dwelling on a particular property. In this regard, advice pertaining to whether a property would benefit from a dwelling entitlement within the Armidale Regional Council area is available as an online service.

Advice given regarding a dwelling entitlement does not confer any reasonable expectation that a dwelling will be approved on the site. The merit of any proposal must still be considered with an application for the erection of a dwelling on a property.  

Lodge your application for Dwelling Entitlement advice

It is important that you ensure you have the most up to date advice available as legislation may change over time.