Water Conservation

Download the full water conservation activities guide here (PDF 175.4KB).

The Armidale region has permanent conservation measures in place. The following conservation measures apply. 

Water conservation table


  • Restrictions apply to the use of Armidale and Guyra town water.
  • Greywater and rainwater can be used at any time provided that rainwater tanks are not topped up from town supplies.
  • A Water Management Plan may be approved to allow the use of fixed sprinklers outside the nominated hours during Permanent and Level 1 restriction periods.
  • Any reference to 2 hours of restricted watering means between the hours of 6pm and 8pm OR 6am and 8am (not both) during daylight saving and 5pm and 7pm OR 5am and 7am (not both) at all other times.
  • Not during the heat of the day means not between 9am and 5pm during daylight saving and 10am and 3pm at other times.
  • Periods of water restrictions Level 1 to Level 5 will be policed by Council Officers. The maximum penalty under the Local Government Act for a breach of restrictions is $2,200 for corporations and $220 for individuals.