Waste & Recycling Collection

Kerbside collection

Armidale Regional Council has standard kerbside bin collections occurring:

  • weekly for general waste red-lid bins and black recycling crates;
  • fortnightly for green-lid food and organics (FOGO) bins transported to Council's City to Soil Facility.

Waste and Recycling collection calendars

The day of the week that your waste is collected will depend on the area in which you live.

See the below Waste Collection Calendars to see what day of the week waste is collected in your area:

If you have any issues with your collection, please contact the Waste Services Hotline: 1300 136 322

Waste Services and City to Soil Guides

For more information about the region's waste and recycling services, view our Waste Services Guide

For more information about Armidale Regional Council's unique City to Soil composting program, please see the City to Soil Guide

If you would like a hard copy of either document, please visit Council's Customer Service counters.

Waste & Recycling Collection

Residents can leave out an unlimited number of recycling crates, as long as the recyclables are sorted correctly. 
Extra crates can be purchased from the Armidale Waste Management Facility. See the prices below:

  • Crate and lid - $37
  • Crate only - $25
  • Lid only - $12

Alternatively, other weather-proof crates or large containers purchased elsewhere can be used as long as the container for paper and cardboard is covered with a lid. This helps to avoid contamination.

New households will receive one free kitchen caddy and one roll of compostable BioBags (approximately one year's supply).

If your kitchen caddy is broken or needs to be replaced, drop into our Customer Service desk in Armidale or Guyra to request another one.

If you have used your initial roll of compostable BioBags, you can purchase additional rolls for $3 from our Customer Service Centres as well.

We require these specific bags to be used, rather than alternative compostable bags, as some products do not decompose correctly in our composting system. 

Each household is supplied with one 240 litre City to Soil green-lid bin, one 140 litre household waste red-lid bin and two black 55 litre recycling crates. The paper and recycling crate will have a lid to mimimise contamination.

Residents are encouraged to report any damaged red-lid and green-lid bins they have to the Waste Hotline on 1300 136 322 for either replacement or repair, free of charge.

Materials that cannot fit in your bins can be taken for disposal to the Armidale Waste Management Facility. The Armidale Waste Management Facility accepts bulky wastes for disposal or recycling according to Council’s standard fees and charges.

Items in good condition can also be donated to the Second Hand Goods Shop on-site at the Armidale Waste Management Facility.

Remember - Penalties apply for illegal dumping in the Armidale region! More about illegal dumping HERE 

To assist with bin/crate collections and to protect the safety of staff, please leave bins:

  • out before 6am on collection day;
  • facing the road;
  • at least one metre apart on the kerbside;
  • at least one metre from recycling crates, trees, telegraph poles and other obstacles.

Council recommends leaving your bins out the night before to ensure you don't forget or miss the collection in the morning. Please don't keep bins out overnight after they have been emptied.