Waste & Recycling Collection

Armidale Waste & Recycling Collection

Depending on where you live waste and recycling is collected on different days of the week.

Please find below a map and calendar for 2020 & 2021 outlining when your waste and recycling is collected.

Ensure you place your bins out the night before collection to avoid being missed by collectors.

Please visit Council's Customer Service Counter at 135 Rusden Street, Armidale if you require a hard copy. 

Further information is also available by contacting Council's Waste hotline: 1300 136 322

Armidale Urban Waste Collection Calendar 2020-2021 (PDF 2.6MB)

Armidale Rural Waste Collection Calendar 2020-2021 (PDF 556.6KB)

Guyra Waste & Recycling Collection


Waste Collection


Recycling Collection

Monday mornings. Place recycling out on Sunday nights to avoid being missed by our collectors.

City to Soil 

See the Guyra City to Soil waste collection service calendar (PDF 471.3KB) to check when the fortnightly collection will service your property.


Guyra bin audit

An audit of Guyra residential bins was conducted in the week starting 11 May 2020 to determine levels of cross contamination between organic and landfill waste bins.

The audit coincided with the first anniversary of Council’s extension of the City to Soil kerbside collection to Guyra and evaluated how effectively the service has been adopted by households in that area.

Contractors randomly selected 100 homes, as a sample of the Guyra community, and inspected the contents of the green-lid organics waste bins to evaluate levels of contamination by non-organic material. They also checked red-lid waste bins at the same properties for organic waste that should go in the green bins.

The audit found:

  • on average, 41% of waste in Guyra red-lid bins was organic waste that could go in the green-lid City to Soil bin for reuse
  • only 26% of food waste from households in the Guyra township is going into green-lid bins, the remainder is going in red-lid bins and into landfill
  • the City to Soil service is highly effective in capturing garden waste from Guyra households, with 99% of collected waste placed in the green-lid bin, but there is a lot of room for improvement with food waste.
  • on average, there is an extra 2.4kg of organics waste that could be collected for each Guyra household.
  • on average, there is 9kg of organics waste in the green-lid bin each week
  • contamination in the green-lid bin is very low (1.4%)

A renewed community information campaign will be launched soon in response to the audit results, and anecdotal evidence that diversion rates of organic waste from red-lid bins in the Armidale kerbside collection areas has fallen during the recent years.

Council’s City to Soil program has been a leader and a benchmark in organics diversion and reuse and the information campaign will aim to ensure strong community support continues to drive the program’s excellent results.

Visit our City to Soil webpage to see how the organic material deposited in green-lid bins is turned into an inexpensive source of compost that is available for use by the community.

See the auditor's report (PDF 2.4MB)

Council received funding from the NSW Government’s Waste Less, Recycle More program, through its Organics Collections Grants Program, to help extend City to Soil to Guyra.