Water Tanks

Thinking about installing a rainwater tank?

Water is our most precious natural resource and it's something that can’t be taken for granted. We are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of water to our survival and its limited supply, especially in such a dry continent as Australia.  

Where a reticulated service is available, rainwater can be reused for non-drinking uses, such as toilet flushing, washing clothes and outdoors uses include garden watering, car washing, filling swimming pools, spas and ornamental ponds. Use of rainwater conserves the public water supply and helps to reduce stormwater impacts. In urban areas NSW Health recommends that people use the public water supply for drinking and cooking because it is generally filtered, disinfected and fluoridated.

Rainwater tanks reduce the physical impact of stormwater on drainage infrastructure, roads, urban streams and mitigate flooding. They also contribute to reducing contaminants in our waterways.  Retention of rainwater allows for its reuse for outdoor use such as gardening and washing cars.

For information about rural drinking water and rainwater tanks visit the New South Wales Health website.

Rain water tank installation is subject to Council policies for domestic rain water tanks. 

To find out if you need approval to install a tank visit NSW planning portal (rainwater tanks)