Nature Strips

Residents must seek approval before carrying out any work on a nature strip or road reserve as a requirement of the Local Government Act and or Roads Act. 

Works that require approval include:

  • the construction of a new driveway
  • installation of a new property stormwater pipe to the kerb
  • installation of a street tree
  • the temporary installation of a skip bin or shipping container

The requirements relating to these activities vary depending on the activity and the location.

Application form for these activities is on Council's forms page - Work on Council Land application

You will also find technical details for the construction of items on the engineering code page, including standard drawings.

Works that do not require approval include:

  • lawn mowing
  • minor driveway maintenance
  • front fence painting
  • trimming of hedges in the property
  • watering the grassed nature strip

It is an offence under the local Government Act to park a vehicle on the nature strip and such action can be subject an infringement notice. The primary reasons for this is the risk of injury to pedestrians and the potential damage of underground utilities located in the nature strip.

Please contact Council on 1300 136 833 for further information.