Burning of Vegetation

Policy for Burning Vegetation within the Local Government Area

Burning of Vegetation Policy (PDF 344.3KB)

Map of Armidale Urban Area defined in POL229 (PDF 989KB)

Do I need a permit from the Council before I light a fire?

Yes, under State legislation Council or the EPA must give approval to cause pollution. The NSW Rural Fire Service or NSW Fire and Rescue should be contacted before the lighting of any fire.

How do I gain Council approval?

Burning vegetation is discouraged, especially within urban areas for health reasons. Vegetation should be taken to the Armidale Waste Management Facility for processing. 

Council's Policy (POL229) (~~~DocAnnotation.type.500~~~ ~~~DocAnnotation.size.500~~~) has blanket approval with conditions for burning outside of the Armidale Urban Area. Burning within the Armidale Urban Area is generally not permitted, however there are a few exemptions to this rule contained in the policy.

Wood smoke in urban areas

Burning wood, vegetation and rubbish in open fires and incinerators in your backyard can cause smoke, which is a major cause of air pollution. In the Armidale Regional Council area there are only certain situations where fires can be lit. These are for recreational purposes such as BBQs or camping. For more information on these exemptions please contact council on 1300 136 833.

Council's City to Soil collection service (green bin) provides a green waste disposal option for Armidale residents.

Larger items may be taken to the Armidale Waste Management Facility on Long Swamp Road.

Wood smoke in rural areas

You need a permit if it's a bush fire danger period. Getting a permit is free and easy. Visit the NSW Rural Fire Service to get the latest information. 

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