Restore & Thrive

Restore and Thrive

Council’s Restore & Thrive Strategy sets a plan of long term renewal with a focus on 'back to basics' to reset the organisation and rebuild community confidence and support. The strategy focusses on our people as our greatest asset.

Central to ‘Restore & Thrive’ is the collaboration and input of all staff led by senior leaders at all levels within the organisation and elected representatives. A pivotal step in Council’s roadmap has been to address the poor culture within the organisation.

A team made up of leaders from all levels of the organisation and referenced as OPARC (Operation Planet ARC) was formed to champion the culture change throughout the organisation. OPARC is made up of a diverse group of individuals from Council, comprising both Guyra and Armidale, indoor and outdoor staff, and at all levels irrespective of hierarchy. The purpose of OPARC is to model the behaviours we want to see and influence positive culture change. OPARC's Charter can be found here (PDF 74.5KB)

A Strategy Map (PDF 115.5KB) and Values and behaviours (PDF 209.4KB) was also developed and workshopped by all staff and Councillors.  These documents, are the centrepiece by which Council staff hold each other to account.