Restore & Thrive

Restore and thrive – turnaround strategy

Council’s Restore & Thrive Turnaround Strategy sets a plan of long term renewal with a focus on 'back to basics' to reset the organisation and rebuild community confidence and support.

Central to this ‘Restore & thrive’ strategy is the collaboration and input of all staff led by senior leaders at all levels within the organisation and elected representatives.

Significant improvement in the last six months, led by the actions of the general manager has set a course for restoration and renewal. A pivotal step in Council’s roadmap to ‘restore and thrive’ has been to address the poor culture within the organisation.

A team made up of leaders from all levels of the organisation and referenced as OPARC (Operation: Planet ARC) has been formed and have developed a turnaround strategy and roadmap as part of the back to basics approach that focuses on vision, purpose, values, supporting and unsupportive behaviours, as part of a focused strategy. OPARC will lead and champion change across the organisation.

A Strategy Map (PDF 115.5KB) and Values and behaviours (PDF 209.4KB) has been developed and workshopped by all staff and Councillors.  These documents, which will now be the centrepiece by which Council staff hold each other to account between now and January 2023, the nominated timeframe for our ‘Turnaround Strategy’.  It will be at this point that we will reassess our progress against the strategy map and seek to take the next step in our journey.