Microchipping and Registration

Did you know that microchipping, registration and an identity tag are requirements for both dog and cat owners under the Companion Animals Act?

Microchip Implants are available from the Animal Shelter during open hours and by appointment outside of open hours. Dogs and Cats over the age of 12 weeks must be protected by permanent identification (microchip implant). Cost of microchipping through the Animal Shelter is $31.00.

A dog or cat may not be sold or given away unless it is first micro chipped and details of the new owner placed onto the NSW Companion Animals Register. Exemptions include cats born before 1 July 1998 and working dogs.

NSW Pet Registry

Fees for Dogs and Cats

  • Standard non desexed $210
  • Desexed animals $58
  • Pensioner for desexed animals only $25
  • Animals not desexed but kept by recognised breeder for breeding purposes $58
  • Desexed animal sold by eligible pound or shelter $29

Fees as per the Companion Animals Regulation 1999 - Clause 18 - Registration Fee

Further information on Companion Animals legislation is available here.

Need to change your details?

Change of address form (PDF 404.3KB)

Change of ownership form (PDF 543.1KB)

Fact Sheets

Microchip and Register your pet (PDF 2.5MB)

Your dog your responsibility (PDF 1.6MB)