Signs & Parking


For an overview of Traffic Signs and what they mean visit the Roads and Maritime Services website.

Report any road damage or maintenance problems here.

For enquiries about or damage to road signs please contact Council on 1300 136 833.


Infringement Notice Disputes

Revenue NSW processes fines and fees for local councils, NSW Police Force and various other authorities.

To discuss your fine please contact Revenue NSW on 1300 138 188 or visit

Revenue NSW
PO Box 786
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

Parking in the Armidale region

Armidale Regional Council offers timed and all day parking in the Central Business District. A Parking Monitoring System operates in the CBD and is monitored by Council's Rangers.

The following documents provide details about timed and all day free parking in the Armidale CBD (including maps), parking signs, infringements, new parking monitoring technology, ARC public parking policy and parking reports.

Armidale CBD Timed Parking Map (PDF 116.1KB)

All Day Parking Map (PDF 45KB)

CBD On Street Parking (PDF 168.1KB)

Know your Parking Signs  (PDF 450.4KB)

Infringement Advice (PDF 199.7KB) (PDF 145.5KB)

School Parking Rules

The following documents are brochures for several schools in Armidale showing where the parking restrictions are in these areas. 

ARC School Parking Brochure Armidale City (PDF 1.1MB)

ARC School Parking Brochure Armidale Secondary College (PDF 1.1MB)

ARC School Parking Brochure Ben Venue (PDF 1.1MB)

ARC School Parking Brochure Drummond (PDF 1014.9KB)

ARC School Parking Brochure Martins Gully (PDF 1002.4KB)

ARC School Parking Brochure Newling (PDF 996.5KB)

ARC School Parking Brochure O'Connor (PDF 888.4KB)

ARC School Parking Brochure Sandon (PDF 1021.3KB)

ARC School Parking Brochure St Mary's (PDF 943.2KB)

ARC School Parking Brochure TAS (PDF 1MB)

Yellow Kerbside Lines Installed in the Armidale CBD

Yellow edge kerbside lines indicating a no stopping zone have been marked out by Council contractors across some streets in the Armidale CBD. Yellow kerbside line marking is used to prohibit kerbside stopping of vehicles. Road marking is installed to improve traffic flow and safety for motorists and pedestrians. Road users who disregard road markings could be fined more than $300 and lose points.

Parking vehicles for sale on footpaths / nature strips

The parking of motor vehicles on footpaths / nature strips and offering them for sale is an offence under the Road Rules. This is legislation set by the State Government, and it is Council’s responsibility to enforce these rules.

A footpath / nature strip is defined as an area between the road and adjacent land eg. the area between your letterbox and the roadway.

Motorists must ensure that the footpath area is kept clear to ensure the safety of pedestrians and prevent them from being forced to walk on the road.

When Council identifies an issue, a warning may be issued to the registered vehicle owner. However, based on potential danger to the public and other road users, a warning may not always apply and vehicle owners may receive a fine in the first instance.