Fire Safety

Building owners require a fire safety schedule (commercial and industrial buildings) by law and need to renew their fire safety statement at least once every year and, in some cases more frequently.

A fire safety statement is a list of fire safety measures installed in the building and their standard of performance - the statement and its frequency ensures the measures are checked to be operating correctly (smoke detectors, etc).

The inspection and maintenance of fire safety systems must be done by a competent fire safety practitioner to a standard no less than that to which the measure was originally designed, as identified on the building’s fire safety schedule. 

The owner is responsible for choosing the competent fire safety practitioner/s to undertake the inspection and maintenance. The owner must also provide a written opinion that the person or persons chosen are competent to perform the fire safety inspection. 

The owner must also provide a copy of the current fire safety schedule when lodging the fire safety statement to FRNSW. The current fire safety schedule must also be prominently displayed within the building.  

The fire safety statement template can be downloaded here (PDF 162KB)

Once completed, the fire safety statement can be forwarded to and to the Commissioner of Fire and Rescue 
There is no fee for this service.

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