New Landfill

A new landfill is needed to provide a long-term disposal solution for the Armidale Regional Council. The site has been identified and purchased by Council, which has also sought and received all the necessary approvals to construct and operate it as a general Solid Waste (Putrescible) landfill.

Construction works for the new regional landfill was completed in 2019. Council is not planning to commission the new regional landfill immediately, and instead will wait until the existing landfill nears its capacity to accept waste.

Some basic facts:

Total area of site 86.99 Ha
Area of landfill operations 20 Ha
Area of Biodiversity offset 60 Ha
Volume capacity of landfill 1,000,000M3
Number of cells 5
Volume capacity of each cell 211,000M(includes capping)
Estimated life of landfill Minimum 50 years

Community Engagement during the Construction and Operation of the Regional Landfill 

Community input was an important part of the Environmental Assessment process as the Environmental Assessment and concept design considered issues and concerns raised by the community and other stakeholders which were essential to ensure that a sustainable outcome for the management of waste across the region is achieved. 


Regional Landfill Environmental Management Plans

Environmental Management Plan Structure (PDF 76.5KB)
Aboriginal Heritage Management Plan  (PDF 1.3MB)
Air Quality Management and Monitoring Plan (PDF 661.7KB)
Biodiversity Offset Management Plan (PDF 21MB)
Construction Environmental Management Plan (PDF 807.2KB)
Construction Quality Assurance Plan (PDF 235.9KB)
Greenhouse Gas Management Plan (PDF 329.9KB)
Landfill Closure and Rehabilitation Management Plan (PDF 1.2MB)
Landfill Environmental Management Plan (PDF 2.1MB)
Noise Management Plan (PDF 484.5KB)
Transport Code of Conduct (PDF 1.3MB)
Water and Leachate Management Plan (PDF 7.6MB)
Water Quality Management Plan (PDF 9.5MB)

Planning approvals

Landfill Project Approval (PDF 2.7MB)
First Landfill Approval Modification (PDF 378.1KB)
Second Landfill Approval Modification (PDF 106.2KB)