Farm Buildings

Want to build a farm building?

Before you begin, you may need to know the zone and other requirements for constructing a building on your property. To search your property, simply use our Property Enquiry List.

Do you need consent?

Before you begin your build, you will need to find out whether you need consent. Information about exempt development requirements (development not needing approval) can be found via the NSW Legislation website. Follow the links below to find out more:

Check to see if you meet the exempt development requirements here.

Alternatively, the NSW Planning Portal has produced summary tables on the above farm buildings. These can be viewed here.

Please note: If your proposal does not fit into the exempt development requirements, you will need to lodge an application through the NSW Planning Portal. Your proposal could be either a Complying Development Application or a Development Application.

Complying Development

Complying Development Applications can be completed in ten days (twenty if it needs to be notified), but you must meet the Complying Development (Inland) Code. The NSW Planning Portal has also created summary tables for the Complying Development (Inland) Code which can be viewed here

Further information on the Inland Code can be found here.

Information about how to lodge a Complying Development Application can be found here.

Development Application

If you don't meet the Complying Development criteria you will need to lodge a Development Application. This must be approved and followed up with a Construction Certificate before you start work (this is a post consent application on the NSW Planning Portal).

A Development Application may take six weeks plus an additional ten days for the Construction Certificate. This time frame is based on the assumption everything we need to process your application is submitted at lodgement.

Information about how to lodge a Development Application can be found here.

Pre-application meeting

Before you submit your application with the NSW Planning Portal, we suggest that you arrange a pre-application meeting with Council. This will ensure your application process is as simple as possible and any issues that need to be addressed before lodgement can be fixed.

To book a pre-application meeting, complete the Pre-Development Application meeting request form on Council's forms page and email it to Once we have received your request, a Planning Officer will be in contact to confirm your meeting.