Off leash exercise areas

Council has provided several off leash exercise areas within Armidale for the use of dog owners and their pets. All are equipped with appropriate waste disposal including poo bags and water points.

Leash free areas are designed to allow pet owners to exercise their animals without a leash in an open environment where they are not likely to impact on other recreational area users. It must be remembered however that owners are still required to be able to control their dog before releasing them for exercise and they must clean up after their animals immediately.

Leash free exercise areas in Armidale are located at:

  1. Southern end of Taylor Street (PDF 4.3MB) behind Moran Oval (fenced)
  2. The section of the parkland between Taylor Street at the Wicklow Fields causeway  (PDF 2MB) and Erskine Street (partially fenced)
  3. Charlston Willows Recreation Area (PDF 1.7MB) approximately 5 kilometers north of town on the Rockvale Road.
  4. Pedestrian walkway (PDF 1.7MB) west from Niagara Street (behind Brogan Street) to UNE
  5. Shambrook Avenue (fenced) 

Fact Sheets

A guide to dog attacks (PDF 1.1MB)

Your dog your responsibility (PDF 1.6MB)