Construction Specifications

The Armidale Regional Council Engineering Construction Specifications have been developed to provide a quality assurance framework that developers and council must meet when undertaking works within the Local Government Area.

The Engineering Construction Specifications are a regional approach to provide uniform construction standards through a clear and comprehensive set of specifications for infrastructure construction.

Both the community and the development industry now have clear guidelines for infrastructure requirements throughout the Armidale Region.

The Codes have been developed from the original issue of the AusSpec Construction Specification series and have been amended in accordance with current construction industry Best Practice and in accordance with current Australian Standards and have been modified to suit the specific needs of the Armidale Region.

A suite of Standard Drawings has been developed with the engineering design Codes and should be used in conjunction with the construction specifications. 

These and the codes are available as pdf documents free of charge on Council’s web site. 

Dwg copies of the standard drawings are available on request.

The use and implementation of these specifications is a requirement of all public infrastructure construction works for which Armidale Regional Council will become the owner and maintainer of the asset.

ARC - C101 Development Construction-General (PDF 314.5KB)

ARC - C201 Control of Traffic (PDF 345.7KB)

ARC - C211 Control of Erosion and Sedimentation (PDF 409.3KB)

ARC - C212 Clearing and Grubbing (PDF 338.9KB)

ARC - C213 Earthworks (PDF 687.9KB)

ARC - C220 Stormwater Drainage (PDF 368.2KB)

ARC - C221 Pipe Drainage (PDF 409.3KB)

ARC - C222 Precast Box Culverts (PDF 377.3KB)

ARC - C223 Drainage Structures (PDF 361KB)

ARC - C224 Open Drains (PDF 400KB)

ARC - C230 Subsurface Drainage (PDF 405.3KB)

ARC - C231 Subsoil and Foundation Drains (PDF 369.4KB)

ARC - C232 Pavement Drains (PDF 396.5KB)

ARC - C241 Stabilisation (PDF 424.8KB)

ARC - C242 Flexible Pavements (PDF 393.1KB)

ARC - C244 Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing (PDF 422.8KB)

ARC - C245 Asphaltic Concrete (PDF 585.7KB)

ARC - C246 Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing-Polymer Mod (PDF 398.8KB)

ARC - C261 Pavement Markings (PDF 395KB)

ARC - C262 Signposting (PDF 396.2KB)

ARC - C263 Guide Posts (PDF 330.9KB)

ARC - C264 Non-Rigid Road Safety Barriers (PDF 345.6KB)

ARC - C271 Minor Concrete Works (PDF 511.7KB)

ARC - C273 Landscaping (PDF 411.7KB)

ARC - C274 Masonry Walls (PDF 387.8KB)

ARC - C290 Road Openings (PDF 341.8KB)

ARC - C303 Service Conduits (PDF 344.4KB)

ARC - C305 Trenchless Conduit Installation (PDF 368.8KB)

ARC - CQC Quality Control Requirements (PDF 516.9KB)

ARC - CQS Quality Safety Environment (PDF 565KB)

ARC - Specification Listing (PDF 226.2KB)