Road Closures / Road Works

Roads Closed:

O'Connor Place will be partially closed to traffic on Tuesday 7 July 2020 from 7am to 2pm. The partial road closure is a result of the installation of an antenna on the roof of the Armidale Civic Administration building as a part of Council’s Water Sewer SCADA upgrade project.  

Kempsey Road

Kempsey Road has re-opened to light 4WD vehicles on Friday 15 May, after Council successfully completed all emergency works caused by recent natural disaster events in the area.  

Council crews conducted mandatory site works starting from Lower Creek to Kempsey End after the Easter break, implementing short-term emergency works, including installation of safety barriers, stabilization of road embankments, installation of road and traffic signs, clearing road debris, gravel resheeting, removing hazardous trees, increasing effective width of the road and improvement of drainage systems to ensure road safety for light 4WD vehicles. 

Site assessments have been conducted by Arborists and Geotechnical & Environmental specialists to identify possible hazards present at the site and additional road safety measures have been implemented for road users following a road safety inspection of day and night driving conditions. 

Council will begin to carry out programmed repair works to damaged sections, to reinstate pre-disaster conditions. Council aims to repair and reinstate embankment slip and erosion damage, culverts and bridges and other obstacles preventing long rigid commercial vehicles to traverse. 


Kempsey Rd narrow and steep map

Road Grading

‘Tour de Rocks’ (26 April 2018)

  • Dangar Street betw
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