Annual Road Resealing

Road resealing in Armidale

Road resealing is an important part of the maintenance of Armidale’s roads and is utilised to seal small cracks and imperfections, improve skid resistance as well as waterproof, protect and extend the life of the underlying road pavement.

Road resealing is the process of spraying bitumen onto a road pavement and then rolling a layer of uniformly sized stones to create a new surface.

Why has my street been resealed?

The resealing of your street is like painting your house. It protects and extends the life of the road, while making it safe to use.

As the upper layers of road pavement are exposed to weather and wear from traffic the surface deteriorates and small cracks form in the surface. These small cracks can allow water to penetrate the lower levels of the road surface and if left untreated potholes can result.

The life of a reseal depends upon the underlying base and the traffic volumes using the roads. On higher volume roads, the life of a reseal is typically between 10 and 15 years. On suburban streets with lower traffic pressures, life expectancy of the reseal is far greater.

 Why was my street resealed instead of having an asphalt surface?

The majority of streets and car parking areas, in the CBD, have an asphalt surface. It provides a very smooth surface to reduce noise, damage due to screwing action of tyres and a smooth surface for shopping trolleys and pedestrians. It is more expensive than resealing so is limited to high pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas. Resealing works cost between 20% to 35% of the cost of resurfacing a street with an asphalt surface. Resealing ensures the maximum percentage of Armidale’s residential streets are resurfaced every year. This improves road safety and extends the life of a greater proportion of the road network each year.

 What to expect after your street has been resealed

On the day of your street’s resealing you will see signs warning of loose stones and possible windscreen damage. Please reduce your speed when travelling on the new surface.

A street sweeper will remove loose stones off your street.

Any line-marking that was on your street will be reinstated after the resealing.