Armidale and Guyra Saleyards upgrade

In consultation with key stakeholders, detailed design works were completed in late November 2022, to upgrade the Armidale and Guyra saleyards. The project has been funded under the Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund, co-funded by the Australian and NSW Governments. The upgrades are scheduled to commence in early 2023, following the submission of the Development Application and concurrent tender process.

Guyra Saleyards

The plans for Guyra Saleyards include a staged demolition and reconstruction of sheep yards and site drainage and pollution control.

Some trees will need to be removed at the Guyra site for the construction of the designed effluent management system, which is critical to the project proceeding as planned. The priority is to complete the yard component of the project at this stage,owing to safety issues with the current pens.

The original plans have also included a refurbishment of the building, centred on the construction of a new canteen facility. Further applications for funding to complete the project, are being prepared to lodge with the Department of Regional NSW.

Armidale Saleyards

The plans for Armidale Saleyards centre on the construction of new bull pens and to create the space needed for these new pens, the sheep yards were demolished, leaving two yards for overnight use only.

The priority is to complete the yard components at Guyra and then Armidale, owing to safety issues with the current pens.

The original plans also included an upgrades to the Armidale Pre Sale Pens and Draft, Armidale carpark to the upgrade of the toilet, shower facilities, the kiosk and the selling agents office.

Update 17 April 2023

At the meeting with the project team on 21 March 2023, the project manager communicated that the Development Applications forms will soon be lodged for commencing the works.  

At the same meeting, the Department of Regional NSW advised that the additional funding application has been reviewed by the funding body. The funding body has come back with some queries and these have been answered in a detailed response by the project  A representative of the Department of Regional NSW visited the Armidale and Guyra Saleyards as part of the review of further funding. They were accompanied by a planner from Council with the purpose of them providing guidance on the expected path forward with the upcoming lodgement of the Development Application. 

Armidale Regional Council advised they will be carrying out basic road maintenance works to the ring road at Guyra saleyards. 

Update - 3 April 2023

An application for funding to complete the entire project has been lodged with the Department of Regional NSW.