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Ordinary Council Meeting 28 April 2021

Meeting wrap-up


8.1 Mayoral Minute: Honour Board - local Order of Australia Recipients and Affiliates – Armidale War Memorial Library
The Order of Australia Association New England North West Branch is applying for a grant to install an honour board in the Armidale War Memorial Library to display the names of the region’s Order of Australia Medal recipients and affiliates.


9.1 Coffee Vans Policy
The General Manager has been requested to develop a policy for the deployment of coffee and food cans at various events and locations where a need or a market is demonstrated and there is no safe and/or practicable fixed outlet for coffee and food of a similar type.


10.1 Integrated Planning and Reporting - Delivery Program 2018-2022 and Operational Plan 2020-2021 Progress Report - Second Quarter
The Delivery Program 2018-2021 and Operational Plan 2020-2021 Progress Report (Second Quarter) was presented to Council as required by the s404(5) Local Government Act 1993. The report showed nine actions were successfully completed in the second quarter, adding to the six actions completed in Q1. The nine new actions were the construction, sale and opening of the Airside Business Park, upgrading the Guyra Community Hub, applying for a Special Rate Variation, emergency communication upgrades, tree recovery and renewal works, improved heavy vehicle access to Castle Doyle agribusinesses, improved Council building electrical safety, new street lighting at UNE, and the construction of a new footpath in Armidale’s Kentucky Street. The progress report showed these projects were all on or under budget.

10.2 Rescinding a selection of Council policies
Council endorsed the rescindment of 22 policies that were identified as no longer relevant, previously superseded or are required to be reissued as management policy.

10.3 Asset Management Policy – draft for public exhibition
Council’s draft updated Asset Management Policy will be on public exhibition for 28 days. The updated policy will allow Council staff to have a better understanding about asset management and effectively manage assets based on better governance practices, procedures and processes to promote improved service delivery and increased communication with the community.

10.4 Council Meeting Cycle for Ordinary Meetings for 2021-2022 
The meeting cycle for the 2021/2022 financial year up until the September 2021 Local Government elections was endorsed by Council.  Meetings will continue to be scheduled on the fourth Wednesday of each month as follows:

  •            Wednesday 28 July 2021, in Guyra at 4pm.
  •            Wednesday 25 August 2021, in Armidale at 4pm.


11.2 Corporate Banner and Pole Sponsorship - draft for public exhibition
The draft Corporate Banner and Pole Sponsorship Policy will be on public exhibition for 28 days from Monday 3 May. This policy demonstrates Council’s commitment to working with the community in order to appropriately advertise local events and/or activities, utilising the flag/banner poles in the Beardy Street Mall.

11.3 Rates harmonisation implementation
Council endorsed the proposed rates harmonisation implementation framework pending the approval of the Exposure Draft Bill Local Government Amendment (Rates) Bill 2021, which is expected to happen in May. The framework is available on page 28 of the April 28 Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda.

11.4 Armidale City Gymnastics Club - request for loan guarantee
Council requested a business and financial plan from the Armidale City Gymnastics Club following a request from the club for Council to act as guarantor for a $150,000 loan.

11.5 Recommendation to accept Armidale First National as the preferred supplier for marketing and sale of Armidale Airside Business Park Lots, as per GM delegation
A tender received from Armidale First National Real Estate in conjunction with Cushman Wakefield (Sydney) to provide marketing and sales support for the Armidale Airside Business Park lots has been accepted.

11.6 Engagement of contractor - Kempsey Road Big Hill Big Slip Restoration - Natural Disaster Recovery Works
A tender submitted by Ground Stabilisation Systems Pty Ltd of $725,014.37 including GST ($659,103.97 ex GST) for Kempsey Road Big Hill Big Slip Restoration Works was accepted.


12.1 Council's role as an appropriate regulatory authority under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997
Council noted its role as the appropriate regulatory authority delegated to it by the NSW EPA under Section 6 of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, in relation to possible regulatory breaches of NSW Environmental Legislation within the Local Government Area.

12.3 Traffic Control – tender response
Council accepted the submission of both DOB Enterprises and Ahoy Traffic Control in order of preference for the Traffic Control Services Tender.

12.4 Draft Koala Management Strategy for public exhibition
The draft Koala Management Strategy will be up on public exhibition for 28 days from April 30. The strategy aims to provide the planning framework in relation to koalas, where development pressures are most likely to occur, as well as identifying key issues impacting local koala populations, and actions and recommendations to guide and aid recovery and assist in management of this iconic species.

12.11 Guyra Main Street Upgrade- project update
Council received an update on the status of the Guyra Main Street Upgrade Project and endorsed the replacement of nine trees on Bradley Street with up to 20 suitable established trees.
Stage 2 is now progressing, with roadworks to Bradley Street commencing in April 2021, and a strategy is in place to deliver overhead power, water main upgrades, future proofing works for future services upgrades, and footpath replacement.

12.12 Kempsey Road Slope Analysis Contractor Engagement - Natural Disaster Recovery Works
Council accepted the tender submitted by GHD Pty Ltd of $200,818.18 ex GST for the Kempsey - Armidale Road Slope Analysis.

12.13 Independent peer review of DA-125-2020
Council noted the Inverell Shire Council peer review of DA-125-2020 for a Centre-Based Child Care Facility and associated works located at 156-160 and 162 Bradley Street Guyra. In the peer review it was stated the report adequately assessed the development in accordance with Section 4.15 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and that it is recommended the DA be approved subject to conditions outlined in the report to Council.

12.15 Approval of Development Application DA-125-2020 at 156-160 and 162 Bradley Street, Guyra, for a Centre-Based Child Care Facility and associated works
This matter has been deferred until the May 26 Ordinary Council Meeting.

12.16 DA-116-2018/D - Motel Development - (Modification Requesting Deletion of Condition 25A)
Council has deferred the decision regarding a request for a waiver of the Developer Services Plan charges for the motel development at 141 Dumaresq Street, Armidale.

12.7 Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program Phase 2 - reallocation of a project nomination
Council will request the Federal Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development to approve a variation of the funds nominated ($225,000) for the proposed nature playground in the second phase of the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure program to the following projects:

  •            Monkton Aquatic Centre – $35,000 - electrical upgrade (supplement to the Heat pump project
  •            Building and facility renewals - $190,000 – Hillgrove Hall, Guyra HACC Building, former Guyra Courthouse, Puddledock Hall, Dangarsleigh Hall

12.18 Regional landfill: electrical power supply line contract
The tender from Reg Latter Electrical Pty Ltd for the design and construction of an electrical power supply line into the regional landfill for the sum of $118,255.50 including GST was accepted.


13.1 Review of Council grants and sponsorship programs
An independent review of Armidale Regional Council (ARC) Grants and Sponsorships has been undertaken. Council resolved to action a number of recommendations from the review – these actions can be viewed on Page 142 of the agenda.

13.2 NSW Disaster Assistance C.3 - funding to support Backtrack large scale clean-up operations in Lower Creek
Council will support Backtrack Youth Works via the Disaster Assistance C.3 funding provided by Resilience NSW to deliver outcomes for disaster affected areas such as Lower Creek and their residences.           

13.3 Public Art Policy – Draft for public exhibition
The draft Public Art Policy will go on public exhibition for 28 days. This policy will ensure the responsible and uniform management of all forms of public art across the region.


16.2 Minutes - Traffic Advisory Committee Meeting held 6 April 2021
Council endorsed a number of matters raised at the Traffic Advisory Committee meeting held on April 6 2021. These are:

1. That Council endorse the road closure of Faulkner Street between Kirkwood and Dumaresq Street during the Big Chill Beer and Barbeque Festival.

2. That Council deny the request to consider a pedestrian crossing on Barney Street at the Faulkner Street intersection due to the close proximity of traffic light crossings and a pedestrian refuge.

3. That Council endorse the Police request to shift the 15 minute car parking space to the northern end of Faulkner Street grouping the existing police parking spaces together.

4. That Council note that the specified line marking requested for the Police parking in Faulkner Street will be at a cost to Police.

16.5 Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
Council endorsed the recommendations of the Committee. These are:

1. Two representatives from the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee will meet with Council staff to undertake a detailed analysis of EcoARC (Council’s green- print) to develop a ten year implementation plan.

2. Sustainable Living Armidale member Helen Webb will be substituted onto the committee in Jo Leonie’s place following her resignation.

3. Two representatives from the Climate Emergency Working Group report will meet with Council staff regarding items from their report A Framework for Climate Action.

4. Applications for the Air Quality Working Group will be assessed by a panel of two members of the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee and Council’s Sustainability Officer.

5. Two representatives of the Climate Emergency Working Group will meet with Council staff to discuss possible projects in order to the join the Cities Power Partnership.

16.6 Minutes of Sports Council Committee meeting held 7 April 2021
Council endorsed the Committee’s recommendations. These are:

1. The proposed additional user fees in excess of the current fees and charges not be charged for regional level fields – Harris Park, Armidale Sportsground and Rologas/Wicklow fields.

2. That the Council seek Commonwealth and/or State funding for field lighting at Jack Valance Oval and for the replacement and extension of the lighting on Newling Oval.

3. That Council arrange for refurbishing of the Jack Valance oval surface when a budget is available.

4. That capital income for next year’s budget is restored to at least the level of 2019/20 of $75,000.

5. That a total of $117,000 be referred to the budget process for consideration in the 2021/22 budget.

A number of policies were adopted at the meeting. These policies are:

  •           12.2 Adoption of the Burning of Vegetation within the Local Government Area Policy
  •           12.5 Adoption of Keeping of Animals (Urban Areas) Policy
  •           12.6 Adoption of Development Related Security Policy
  •           12.7 Adoption of Public Parking Policy
  •           12.8 Adoption of Domestic Rainwater Tanks Policy
  •           12.9 Adoption of Relocation of Buildings Policy
  •           12.10 Adoption of Treatment of Feral and Infant Animals Policy

The details of these policies can be viewed in the April 28 Ordinary Council Meeting Attachments.


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