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Ask Us Anything! Q&A - The answers are in!

During July, Armidale Mayor Sam Coupland and Deputy Mayor Todd Redwood conducted a community Q&A session, inviting all members of our region to bring their best questions forward.

The objective was to gain valuable insight into the issues that affect our community, by allowing members of the community the chance to receive responses directly from council.

All questions and answers from three sessions that were conducted in both Armidale and Guyra can be found below.

Community Questions

There is no organisation which can’t be more efficient, and ARC is no different with opportunities to improve.

ARC is committed to a journey of continuous improvement.

The interest earned on water reserve funds, as invested, are returned to the water operations budget.

Those funds supplement and/or assist to offset water pricing considerations each year when water rates and water use pricing is determined.

We encourage the resurrection of the New England Business Chamber or alike and will actively support and participate in their activities where appropriate.

In the meantime, the Growing Region Key Pillar Working Group of Council has met with a representative group of CBD business owners and engaged a liaison function with Council to better communicate and coordinate for positive business, community and tourism outcomes.

The same Key Pillar Working Group has also engaged a series of deputations to meet with larger employers in the region to determine what makes the region attractive and what Council can do to improve business and increase employment opportunities for the future.  


By and large, yes however, as per the response to the question about efficiency above, we remain on an improvement journey. 

At this stage the design and tender are on hold for approximately 12 months awaiting Aboriginal Heritage Permits.

Yes the current charges are deemed reasonable which also includes $6.50 for a car (sedan or wagon).

Yes, along with adopted annual asset management plans that guide the schedule.

Over the last few years, wet weather has impacted the ability to grade some unsealed roads according to the planned schedule.

Council has prepared an advocacy document to seek funding to give residents the option to replace wood heaters for reverse cycle air-conditioning, and have spoken to our local NSW Member of Parliament, as well as the Department of Regional NSW about the proposal.

We are now seeking an audience with NSW Minister for the Environment.

As part of the Guyra main street beautification project, we have removed 3 bins from the main street of Guyra that will soon be replaced by a new pair of bins, now including both recycling and general waste.

The bins that were removed were being used incorrectly for bulk domestic waste disposal rather than their intended use.

The new bins will assist users in identifying clear distinctions between different waste types, while also providing a more modern look to the beautiful main street of Guyra.

Council is working closely with the suppliers to ensure there is as little delay as possible installing these new bins, we have been advised it will be a few weeks before delivery. 

The Armidale Airside Business Park is an excellent opportunity for our region as well as those businesses seeking to locate there.

75% of the stage 1 blocks of the ARC owned development are sold and awaiting either plans to be submitted, planning approvals or for construction to commence.

Approved DA's have a life of five years and beyond that, council cannot control or force a developer to start construction; subject to their personal circumstances, they will commence construction when it suits them.

Following an inspection of the bridge, a weight restriction was applied.

Council typically look to fund bridge replacements through grant funding.

Since the implementation of the weight restriction, no grant opportunities have been made available and no definite timeframes are available for the implementation.

Until grant funding is secured the current limits will remain in place. 


This project was originally a $7m project that had only $3m budgeted to it in 2018/19, and to date, a little over $3m spent.

Additional grant funding is being sought to continue the Guyra main street works.

Grading on road verges usually occurs as part of drainage works (giving water a pathway off the road service), as well as safety (improved visibility), and to be more efficient in the use of gravel on roads (to enable gravel to be pulled back onto the road without contamination of vegetation). 

Receipt of cash across the ARC business ceased during Covid; unfortunately, it has reappeared into some areas of the business which should never have occurred.

The waste facility is a remote site and is potentially vulnerable to criminal activity should cash be kept onsite.

Cash payments can be made at the Guyra office.

ARC does communicate its service provisions and offerings around waste management through newsletters and the website as well as update through social media channels.

ARC continues to recycle soft plastics so residents should bundle all soft plastics into one bag and put them out for kerbside collection with their bottles.

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