Water Tanks

Water Tanks

Thinking about installing a rainwater tank?

Rainwater tanks have many advantages - no matter where you live. In many parts of rural and regional Australia and in some urban fringe areas without a reticulated water supply, rainwater tanks are essential to collect water for household use. However, even in urban areas where a reticulated service is available, rainwater tanks can help conserve valuable drinking water and reduce runoff.

Why use a rainwater tank?

Rainwater tanks reduce the physical impact of stormwater on drainage infrastructure, roads, urban streams and beaches and mitigate flooding. They also contribute to reducing contaminants in our waterways.
Retention of rainwater allows for its reuse for outdoor use such as gardening and washing cars. When integrated with household plumbing and by using a pump, a rainwater tank can also supply water for other uses.
While it is recognised that some consumers may also wish to use rainwater for all domestic purposes, including drinking, cooking, bathing and in hot water systems, in large urban areas access to a reticulated potable water supply remains the most reliable source of drinking water for the community.

For more information about rainwater tanks visit the New South Wales Health website.

Rain water tank installation are subject to Council Policies for Domestic Rain water tanks.