Home Projects - where do I Start?

1. Work out the scope of your project

Think about all the work that needs to be completed. Is this a small or large-scale renovation? This will assist with finding out if you need approval, and the level of resources required. 

2. Find out if you need planning approval

To find out if you need planning approval, visit the state government’s Do I need approval? webpage. Alternatively, Council staff can provide this service if you ask them at the customer service counter. 

3. Inform your neighbours

Let your neighbours know as early in the process as possible, even before you get your plans drawn up. If you are seeking approval under the complying development (CDC) pathway, you will be responsible for notifying your neighbours before construction commences. 

The state government’s webpage what to tell your neighbours outlines circumstances that require you to notify your neighbours, and also contains support materials such as a standard letter template and a guide to neighbourhood consultation for complying development. 

4. Get your plans drawn

Consider engaging an architect or professional building designer to prepare accurate and detailed plans. You may need to include your plans with your application for development, so it’s important to make these as detailed as possible. 

5. Obtain planning approval 

If your development requires approval, now is the time to lodge your application. You may be eligible for a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) if your development meets the SEPP under meets certain criteria. If not, you will need to submit a development application (DA). 

6. Contracts

Ask for a written contract that clearly outlines the work to be done and a detailed costing. It's a good idea to get three quotes for your building works to ensure you're getting value for money. If the building cost is more than $5,000 the builder must use a major domestic building contract.

7. Insurance

Check with your home insurance company to see if you need extra cover for the renovation work.

8. Start renovating 

Now you’re ready to start your renovations. Consider the phases of work and your timeline to get your renovation completed as fast and efficiently as possible.