Guyra Cemetery

The Guyra Cemetery is located on the New England Highway, 4km South of Guyra, 2365. 

Once a reserve was set aside by the Department of Lands, portions related to the various religions were allocated. The various church leaders then dedicated each area. For instance, the Methodist portion of the Guyra cemetery was dedicated on 14 December 1898. Trustees from the various local congregations were appointed and these trustees became responsible to maintain their section and keep records of burials. Consequently some sections were well maintained but problems often arose.

In August 1902, the Guyra Argus editor expressed great concern about the general condition of the cemetery. It was claimed that stock graze the cemetery despite there being a secure fence. Criticism again emerged in May 1911 because of destruction by horses particularly in the Roman Catholic section. The State Government passed legislation in 1966 for Councils and Shires to take control of public cemeteries. Despite concern expressed by the Guyra Council, Council took control of the cemetery.

Visit Council's forms page for burial, transfer right of burial and conducting work on Council Land - Cemetery application forms. 

 Below is a map of the cemetery.