Armidale Cemetery

Armidale's first recorded cemetery was located near the south-west corner of Faulkner and Brown streets, where Armidale City Primary School is now situated. A new cemetery was approved in 1861 and dedicated on 2 July 1863 and is the cemetery currently in use today. Relatives and friends of those buried in the old cemetery were given the opportunity to move the headstones and the remains from the old cemetery to the new cemetery. The headstones that were not relocated, were demolished.

The cemetery in use today can be located in South Armidale. The cemetery is particularly noted for its two fine brick chapels, monuments dating back to the early 1850s and its impressive avenue of Elms and Cypress trees. The cemetery is divided into denominations and, up until 1966, each denomination was responsible for their portion of the cemetery. Trustees were appointed by the churches for administration and continue to do so. Council has sufficient land at the cemetery to span a further two hundred years.

Due to each church administering their allotted portions, and as each section began to fill and further land was acquired, the numbering system of the rows and plot numbers are difficult to understand. See below for a map over the overall cemetery.

Armidale Regional Council manages cemeteries across their Local Government Area offering burial and ash memorial sites. There are lawn and monumental sites for burials and memorial sites for the placement of ashes.

Visit Council's forms page for burial, transfer right of burial and conducting work on Council Land - Cemetery application forms.