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Water and Sewer

For sewerage blockages, water leaks, and water quality issues call 1300 136 833 (24 hours)


Change your postal address


Report a barking dog or animal noise complaintReport a dead animal on the roadside

Report a dog or cat lost / stray / othe

Report unrestrained stock on the road or public space


Report maintenance required at the cemetery


Enquire on your rates accounts

Enquire on your water accounts

Enquire on your debtor accounts


Report water restrictions breach 

Report air pollution

Report noise pollution

Report graffiti

Health and Safety

Report a footpath repair request or issue

Report a food shop concern

Public Facilities

Report any damage or maintenance required to public facilities
(eg public parks, playgrounds, toilets & BBQs)

Roads/ Cycleways/ Bus Stops

Report damage or maintenance required for roads, bridges or roundabouts

Report maintenance issue on a public cycleway

Report maintenance required to a bus stop


Report public bins needing emptying or maintenance

Report illegal dumping of rubbish on roadside or public land

Report a private bin missed collection, contents spillage, stolen or damaged bin

Suggestion/ Compliment

Share a suggestion or compliment a staff member orcouncil with us!


Report a tree down on or near a rural road

Report maintenance required for street trees in town


Report an abandoned vehicle