Rebates apply to water saving products on a per household basis and only to new products.  
You can claim:

  • 2 showerheads
  • 1 dual flush toilet
  • 1 front-load washing machine
  • 1 rainwater tank or combination of interconnected tanks that meet the qualifying volume (but not if the tanks are a requirement of the BASIX scheme)
Product Rebate
Water efficiency audit $50 if water saving products are also installed
3-star WELS rated or higher
Maximum of $20
Dual-flush toilet
replacing cistern & bowl 
3-star WELS rated or higher
To replace single-flush toilets or old dual-flush (11/5.5 litre) only        
Maximum of $150
Front-load clothes washing machine
4.5-star WELS rated or higher
Maximum of $150
Rainwater tank
2000 to 4999 litre capacity
5000 to 10,000 litre capacity
Maximum of $250
Maximum of $500

Rainwater tanks and dual-flush toilets must be installed by a licenced plumber.

Are you eligible for the rebates?

The property must be connected to Council’s reticulated town water supply system.
The applicant must own the residential property where the products are installed, or have permission of the owner and pay the water usage account. The applicant must have already ordered, paid for and installed the products.
Council will consider claims that meet the requirements of the rebate scheme if products were purchased and installed after 29 May  2019 (when Level 4 water restrictions began).  

Not sure how you can save water at home?  

Rebates are available for licenced plumbers to undertake a water-saving audit of your home to determine where water savings can be made. They will provide you with advice, including recommendations for upgrading fixtures.
If you install at least one of these recommended products, Council will pay up to $50 for the audit.

How to apply for a rebate

Complete the Water Saving Rebate Application form below or at our offices.  
Attach a copy of your Council water notice for that property and copies of paid invoices or receipt (keep the originals for your own records). Write your name on the copies of receipts or invoices. Copies of invoices/receipts and product labels must be clearly readable and Council will retain these documents.  
For showerheads and washing machines, provide evidence the product has the required WELS star rating (this is usually on the product packaging or label)
Dual-flush toilets and rainwater tanks must be installed by a licenced plumber. The plumber’s invoice (PDF 222KB) must include:

  • the plumber's ABN and licence number
  • details of the rainwater tank
  • the make/model & WELS-rating of the new dual-flush toilet and the toilet it replaced
  • a declaration of the address where tanks or toilets have been installed

The invoice must be submitted with your application. Please give a copy of the Plumbers Notes (PDF 178.6KB) to your licenced plumber before they start work.


IMPORTANT CHECKLIST  (Your application will be rejected if you have not attached the relevant documentation or completed the actions in this checklist. Ensure you have scanned PDFs ready to attach in the online rebate form below)

  • I have purchased the item/s after 29 May 2019
  • I have attached a recent Council Water Notice to confirm I am connected to the Armidale or Guyra town water supply and I pay the water charges for the property
  • I have attached clearly readable copies of the purchase’s invoice’s and paid receipt/s  stating amount/s paid including date of purchase
  • I have attached my invoice with details of the rainwater tank clearly stating size and cost of tank
  • If I am claiming for tanks/toilet, I have attached the ‘Licenced Plumber’s Declaration Form’ including the plumber’s licence number, signature and attach paid invoice/receipt
  • Tanks or toilets I am claiming for have been installed by a licensed plumber and they have been installed to comply with the NSW Code of Practice (Plumbing and Drainage)
  • If I am claiming for a Water  Saving Plumber’s Audit  I have attached the plumber’s  receipt / invoice from plumber with details of audit and signed by the plumber
  • If I am claiming for a Showerhead or Washing Machine I have provided the evidence the product has the required WELS star rating
  • I have signed the Property Consent Declaration on my application and have read all Terms and Conditions
Residential Water Saving Rebate Form
I have installed the following water saving products in my property:* - required
How many products have been installed? (Put 0 if you haven't installed one of the following products)
I declare that:* - required

Please type your signature

Please sign here

Please upload your supporting documents

Terms and Conditions 

In applying for Armidale Regional Council’s Water Saving Rebates, I accept the following Terms and Conditions:

1. My property is connected to Armidale Regional Council town water supply.

2. I purchased the products after 29 May 2019, and provide receipts as proof of purchase. I understand these will be kept by Council.

3. The amount of the rebate paid will be up to the value of $150 for purchase and installation for a toilet, up to $20 per showerhead, up to $150 for a front loading clothes washing machine (4.5-star WELS rated or higher), up to $250 for a 2000-4999L tank, and up to $500 for a tank over 5000 - 9999L, but no more than half the cost of purchase and installation.

4. My new toilet and/or new showerhead(s) has at least a 3 star WELS rating.

5. My new tank has an Australian Standards rating, and a 12 month warranty, and must be used for collection and storage of rainwater on site.

6. A licensed plumber installed my dual flush toilet and/or tank according to the NSW Code of Practice (Plumbing and Drainage), and the Armidale Regional Council building and plumbing codes, and signed my rebate application.

7. If I am living in, or moving into a new home, or a home having recent renovations/additions valued over $50k, I can only claim a one-off rebate payment for additional volume of rainwater tanks, over-and-above Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) requirements. I cannot claim on multiple tanks. I cannot claim showerheads or toilets required by BASIX. 

8. Rebates will be paid only once for each property. The rebate scheme will run until 30 June 2020 or until the available funds is exhausted, whichever comes first.

9. All water saving products which have attracted a Council rebate are to remain at the property where they have been installed, apart from the washing machine.

10. I acknowledge that Armidale Regional Council accepts no responsibility in respect of any claim, cause or action, loss or damage arising from, or in relation to the installation of any product. 

11. Council officers can enter my property to carry out inspection of the installed products.


Council can only make payments by direct deposit into your bank account. Payments can take approximately four weeks to appear in your bank account. No cash will be given for rebates. 

Note: Refer to SPN020-Finance - Accounting and Responsibility in Committing Expenditure and Responsible Officer delegations for Purchase/Payment.

A pop-up will appear when your form has been submitted successfully. 
Mandatory field(s) marked with *

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