Level 3 water restrictions

Restrictions have been eased to Level 3 from 1 September 2020. Total water storage across the LGA remains at moderate levels. Water customers are asked to continue to conserve water.

Residential target water consumption is 180 litres per person per day.

The following restrictions apply to the use of water supplied through the water reticulation system in the Armidale Regional Council area:

Activity Level 3
Garden sprinklers and fixed hoses  Banned at all times
Hand held hoses (with trigger nozzle), drip irrigation for lawns/garden
2 hours only* (Sunday & Wednesday)
Buckets/cans to water gardens and lawns           Yes
Watering new turf for up to six weeks 2 hours* (Monday & Thursday)
Vehicle washing (Buckets only. NO hoses) NOT between 9am - 4pm during the heat of the day
Washing down hard surfaces - pressure cleaners and hand-held hoses Banned at all times
Private swimming pools Filling - NO.
Topping up - Buckets only
Evaporative coolers Yes
 Water carting & filling stations  Only for internal domestic use. Not for other uses.
Commercial & Industrial   
General use (excluding lawns and gardens)  Target for 15% reduction in overall usage
Landscaping (including lawns and gardens) 2 hours only (Monday & Thursday)
Irrigation of sports areas   2 hours only (Monday & Thursday)
 What Council is doing  
Watering in public parks, gardens & facilities
One watering cycle per field  (Monday & Thursday) Premium sports fields and parks only         
Council aquatic centres Pools - initial filling and topping up Lawn areas - one watering cycle Monday and Thursday
Roadworks & grading
Council is continuing to utilise non potable water wherever possible
Tree planting Reused water wherever possible

* Any reference to 2 hours of restricted watering means between the hours of 6am & 8am OR 6pm & 8pm during daylight saving and 5pm & 7pm at all other times.