Water Restrictions

Level 3 water restrictions from 1 September 2020

Steady run-off into the Armidale region’s water supply and a 65 percent chance of above average rainfall during spring has prompted Armidale Regional Council to ease water restrictions to level 3 from 1 September 2020.

It is extremely important that both business and residential water users adopt long term water conservation everyday regardless of restrictions or even if the dams are full. Council is encouraging water users to maintain the NSW average of 180 litres per person per day or less for normal water usage. This is particularly important as Council this Financial Year has increased the Residential and Commercial Water Consumption Stepped Tariff charges. 

Council will continue to review water restrictions. If conditions improve more easing of restrictions may be possible. Equally last year we saw how rapidly our water storages fell away so Council and the community have to be prepared to adapt and conserve water.