Why work at Council

Work where you can make a difference to the community. Council is a unique employer as it provides direct services to the community across a broad range of areas from parks and gardens, sporting facilities, aged care and youth services, libraries, roads, water and sewer -  the list is extensive.

The delivery of a broad range of services to the community means that Councils can provide a diverse career path, across a variety of different roles.

The local government environment is dynamic. The ongoing review and change that reform brings to local government is wide reaching and will continue to evolve over the foreseeable future. Council doesn’t see the change as a negative, but an opportunity to continuously review and improve the way we meet the community’s expectations.

Council is looking for innovators, strategic thinkers, hard workers, who are willing to learn and collaborate, who are adaptive and resilient, people with integrity, courage, energy, enthusiasm and who want to excel and deliver quality work. 

Work/life balance and flexibility

Financial Benefits