How to deal with barking dogs in your street or neighbourhood

Barking dogs can be very annoying but often these things can be resolved without needing Council or a government agency to intervene.

Talk to your neighbours

The first thing you should do is talk to your neighbours about any noise issues that are affecting you. Your neighbours may not know and they may help solve the problem quickly and easily.

How Council can help

Report a barking dog or animal noise complaint

Once received, Council will contact the owner of the dog and advise them that a complaint has been lodged. We will give them a period of time to address the problem.

If a further complaint is received after that time, Council may take one or all of the following steps, depending on the case:

  • An investigation of the noise complaint to determine the legitimacy of the complaint.
  • The offender/s may be warned about the noise and asked to take action.
  • A formal notice/order may be issued.
  • Action may be enforced penalty notices or Court action if warranted.