Wastewater Treatment and Collection

 For water leaks or sewer blockages call 1300 136 833 (24 hours).

Armidale Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Armidale Regional Council Waste Water Treatment Plant is located at 63 Cafferies Road on the Waterfall Way. It was first constructed in the late 1930s, when the population was only 6000. It was upgraded in the 1960s to handle the growing population and it now serves a population of around 21,000 people, with approximately 8000 connections to the sewer.

Armidale residents connected to the sewerage network are encouraged to contact Council regarding sewage overflows into either a dwelling or property. Council will assess the problem and if it is found to be Council responsibility, then all efforts will be made to rectify the problem quickly. However, if the problem is within the property internal sewerage system, the resident will be advised to contact a licensed plumber. Council does not charge for this service.

Guyra Waste Water Treatment Plant

Improved management of biosolids is being undertaken at the Guyra Sewage Treatment Works.

Under the 2013/14 program, Council undertook works to reduce the infiltration of stormwater into the sewerage network to help reduce the problem of high wet weather flows into the sewage treatment plant at Guyra. Work included sealing access lids and structures where water could enter the system from open drains. Some lids have been raised to prevent water pooling over the lid and draining into the pipe network.

An ongoing inspection program is being carried out to inspect manholes and to identify any illegal private stormwater connections to the system. 

Hays Sales

Lucerne hay and silage is grown at the Armidale Waste Water Treatment Plant. 
For the 2023 season lucerne and hay is sold out.