Armidale residents

There are currently level 4 restrictions in place for Armidale.

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DL Armidale and Guyra water restrictions level 4 - May 2019

Water Restriction Exemption Application form (PDF 124KB)

Armidale showerhead exchange program form (PDF 150.5KB)

Water Saving Action Plan (PDF 168.8KB)

Water level triggers
Council is currently harmonising the existing drought management plans for Guyra and Armidale into one plan that reflects current water yield studies of the catchment. At the moment we are working with two plans of which we have published the Guyra trigger points on the website purely as a guide only. Important decisions have been made to activate these trigger points earlier.

Water level triggers

Level 4 water restrictions - Frequently asked questions

Am I able to water my garden using rain water tanks?

At what point will the Guyra Tomato Farm be banned from using the town water supply?

Can I apply for an exemption to fill my pool or spa?

Can I use garden sprinklers and fixed hoses?

Can I use hand held hoses or drip irrigation for my lawns or gardens?

Can I wash my car?

Can I wash my paths and driveway?

Do all components of the exemption form need to be filled out including the water action saving plan?

Do I need to apply for an exemption to water domestic pets/cages?

Have fines been issued yet?

How do I water my lawns and gardens?

How is Council enforcing the water restrictions?

How much are the fines?

I am connected to a raw water main, do I need to apply for a water restriction exemption?

I have been granted an exemption for Level 3 restriction, do I have to re-apply for Level 4?

I have recently laid turf, can I water it?

I own a business that will be impacted by the restrictions, what can I do?

If I am elderly or have a disability and cannot lift buckets from water recycled from my shower or kitchen can I apply for an exemption?

Is Council maintaining the sports grounds?

Is Council monitoring the tomato farm’s use of water?

The water restrictions flyer refers to water cartage and states domestic use only (no stock), do residents have any other available options for accessing water for stock?

What do I do if I see someone breaking the rules?

What happens to private sports grounds?

What is a water saving action plan?

What is Council doing about motels in Armidale and Guyra?

What is the Council doing regarding the top 10 water users in Armidale and Guyra?

When will carting of water to Guyra commence?

When will the Level 4 Water Restrictions start?

Why are the car washes in Armidale still being allowed to operate?

Why can’t we access water from Dumaresq, Puddledock and Gara Dam? If it cannot be used for town water supply why can’t Council make it available for people on the land to pump out and use for stock?

Will Council reimburse me for my dead lawn or garden?