Natural Wonders

New England’s national parks boast an extensive gorge wilderness with over 500 kilometres of wild and scenic rivers. Discover a unique natural playground with magnificent waterfalls, rainforests and exotic flora and fauna.

Imagine a place where the geology and biodiversity is unique, where you can climb giant rock formations, stroll through rainforests, encounter rare wildlife, watch powerful waterfalls, camp in the wilderness, paddle wild rivers, and find endless breathtaking views. This is all part of the New England High Country experience – there are hundreds of thousands of hectares of national parks and state forests to explore.

From Point Lookout in the New England National Park, you can gaze out in all directions across unspoilt wilderness and the Bellinger Valley all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Rock wallabies and lyrebirds are among the rare sights you can expect to encounter along the walking tracks that zigzag through the banksia and snow gum populated bush around the lookout.

Much of this park is World Heritage listed, protecting a significant expanse of Antarctic beech rainforest that has thrived on the edge of the Great Dividing Range here for eons. This is one of the very few places in the world where you can experience what the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana may have looked like.

The landscape in the Cathedral Rock National Park, an hour’s drive east of Armidale, offers a different spectacle. Here, there are a couple of walking tracks for spying wildlife and lovely views, and a tumble of huge granite boulders provides bushwalkers with a novel obstacle course.

Hundreds of kilometres of waterways rage and meander through the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, where huge tracts of magnificent wilderness are also World Heritage listed.

A unique landscape

Rivers meandering through the eastern fringe of the tablelands have created a unique landscape of deep gorges and dramatic waterfalls. Dangars Falls, Wollomombi Falls and Ebor Falls, to the east of Armidale in the Oxley Wild Rivers and Guy Fawkes National Parks are must sees and along with Threlfall Track at the Blue Hole, offer great walks suitable for all ages and abilities.



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