Malpas Dam to Guyra proposed pipeline plan

Water Pipeline Project: Malpas Dam to Guyra Water Treatment Plant

Armidale Regional Council has applied for State and Commonwealth government funding to build a pipeline connecting Malpas Dam to the Guyra Water Treatment Plant. The proposed pipeline will be activated in times of drought to deliver a potable water supply to residents and local industry. The pipeline is the best and most cost effective long-term solution to secure our water supply and support the future growth of the region. The project will further unlock the regional’s potential by attracting new industry, promoting expansion of current agriculture and horticulture businesses and generating job growth. The project will cost $12.8 million, to be funded 50% by the State and 50% by the Commonwealth. Funding decisions are expected in November and February 2018. The pipeline was selected as the optimal solution following an extensive assessment by water, financial, engineering and infrastructure experts from across the State.  Construction is expected to begin in the second half of 2018 and will take up to 18 months to complete. There will be very minimal impact to the community during the construction phase. 

For more information see our FAQ document here (PDF 6.4MB)

Guyra Bulk Water Supply Augmentation Options - Business case (PDF 10MB)